Non-Conformity and Questioning Authority Are Now Considered Mental Illnesses


If the latest guidelines issued for psychiatrists are anything to go by, it’s likely that leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela would have been diagnosed with mental illness in their younger years.

The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) states that individuals – particularly boys – who question authority, refuse to comply with status quo and are open to debate (amongst a host of other warning signs) may “suffer” from a condition called “Oppositional Defiant Disorder.”

This newest addition to the manual carries forward a long-standing practice of adding previously unknown, and sometimes strange, ailments to modern psychiatry.

For example, had 18th century medical practitioners known about attention deficit disorder, there is a great chance that Wolfgang Mozart would have been “medicated into barren normality”, according to an article published in the Washington Post.

He was a genius, who is said to have created his first musical piece at the age of five; but he had a foul temper and behavioral issues growing up.

It is true that his haunting symphonies would have been missing from our world, if doctors had access to the DSM-IV.

Experts suggest that these newly created illnesses are making over-diagnosis and over-medication a norm.

Since 1965, the list of mental illnesses included in the DSM-IV has grown more than three times.

This represents an increase of at least 227 more psychological disorders compared to 50 years ago.

The trouble is that this growing catalogue has been altering our society.

Even more shocking is the fact that most of these illnesses affect children. For example, in recent times there has been a marked rise in cases of attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder and depression in kids.

With time, the manual is becoming more specific in terms of symptoms – this is a major contributor towards the increase in cases of psychological disorders amongst young people.

At this stage, “oppositional defiant disorder” is known to mostly affect children, but that is not to say that older people are immune.

As a freethinking American, what should send shivers down your spine is that other governments have used similar tactics for political domination.

In the Soviet Union, for example, people who did not accept the policies of the Communist Party were diagnosed with a certain type of schizophrenia.

One of the major symptoms of this illness was that they believed communism was wrong.

To remedy this disorder, the sufferers were kept in seclusion, given medication whether or not they wanted to take it and had to undergo rehabilitation to cure them of their delusional notions.

Closer to home, you would be surprised to know, things are not so different. Some states have legally permitted protective agencies to force medicate those who suffer with mental disorders. In some cases it is a punishable offence to deny these prescribed drugs.

Now that freethinking and nonconformity have been officially labeled a mental illness, those who question authority have become more vulnerable. For a repressive state, this would prove a valuable tool to keep citizens in line.

Eventually, it could lead to a society that accepts the government’s decisions no matter what.

Perhaps, Pink Floyd’s mantra is what best describes the society we live in today – “all in all you’re just another brick in the wall”.

H/T The Mind Unleashed

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  • John Zohn

    This article is pure BS. If you look up the criteria for Oppositional Defiant Disorder you will see that it has nothing to do with any political ideology and deals exclusively with the impulsive need to defy any kind societal norm and prevents people from being able to function successfully in society.

    • Roberto

      well, I’m “nonconform” cause the people doesn’t behave naturally at all(not cause I want to rebel ). most peeps have some disorders: can’t things eye-to-eye, can’t ask aren’t asertive but shy and then compensate this with anger….Some norms are so fuckin unnatural and obscure. I think everybody needs to meditate, try DMT and we will find our “roots” – purify the the social “dust=garbage” from our souls

      • John Zohn

        I’m not defending the labels I’m just making the point that being diagnosed as ODD doesn’t have a political agenda, that is unless you’re identifying the pharmaceutical industry as the government. I’m also not denying the point
        “most peeps have some disorders” either. I believe it’s just a matter of degree. Your point “can’t things eye-to-eye, can’t ask aren’t asertive but shy and then compensate this with anger” is another diagnoses called Passive Aggressive Disorder but it’s not diagnosable until it becomes so extreme that it interferes with either ones social functioning or it is preventing their own personal comfort. It’s a matter of degree.

        My point is that these labels aren’t being used as a tool to remove anyone’s freedom, but they are being used to give them a long term regiment of very expensive medications. My biggest problem with this article it goes right past the argument that the pharmaceutical industry is the one profiting from this but acts like the government is preparing to use these inaccurate labels to lock them up.

    • D.B

      You know, if you can’t read between the lines, no one can help you.

    • Michael Timms

      What the article is pointing out is the potential for abuse of this diagnosis. What is ODD today, may be expanded to include any sort of political dissent tomorrow. A repressive regime could use this diagnosis to lock up opposition leaders, or anyone who disagreed with them. To be sure this is a worst case scenario, but one that I would not put past Obama and his libtarded cronies.

      • John Zohn

        Yea, right, paticularly if we get a Muslim, Kenyan, power mad communist, socialist NAZI terroroist dictator who is going to come and take your guns and cart you off to FEMA Camps where he is going to re-indoctorinate you to become a homosexual, communist Muslim, right?

  • Naias

    ODD isn’t a new condition, and after you’ve meet children with it, you’ll understand why the diagnosis exists. It often occurs in children who have grown up in abusive home & its no joke. It takes an awful lot to get through to a child with ODD. ODD has nothing at all to do with not conforming. It certainly isn’t, as the article hints at, a child who disagrees consciously with the status quo or with what’s expected standing up for something else. Its subconscious acting out in ways that are as likely to harm the child themselves as anything else.

    This article is click bate propaganda. I’m all for resistance in line with your conscious, this is nothing to do with that.


    I hate to tell you all, but this article glorifying those with O.D.D. have no idea what’s going on in schools. You would think from reading this piece that the government is just using that diagnosis to label free-thinking individualists as mentally ill in order to persecute them.

    Well, that may be happening somewhere, but I’ve only heard real-life cases where the opposite is true – kids who are completely disobedient, anti-social and even violent, get a pass because their behavior is labeled a disorder.

    In inner-city schools in the NE, teachers are told to let these kids do whatever they want, even if it completely disrupts the learning process. Even when the kid (often in their late teens) threatens staff and other students, nothing is done.

    These are just punks terrorizing their classrooms, but thanks to this diagnosis, the state protects them from any accountability.

  • Christopher Sanderson

    Yes, this article is PURE BS. The latest DSM is #5 or V (as in DSM-V) released 2013.
    Dr Dan got his bogus qualificaqtions from a bodgey online quasi edu centre.
    Dunno how i came to this awful site but i aint comin back – its crap!!

  • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Some mental health patients need to be forced to take medication, Google “John Hyde Albuquerque” and read that story, him killing 5 people in one day. The sad part was, he wanted help, but didn’t get any.

  • Melissa Rowell

    Nobody said you had to go get treated for it. The article makes it sound as though that manual just makes mental illnesses up. And your doing a diservice to those who are mentally ill. It’s hard enough to make people understand as it is. Here’s a news flash for you. Mozart was probably a miserable human being and might have been happier on medication. That’s why people self medicate, take drugs, and see doctors. Because something is wrong.

  • Mark Carlson

    Ive read the DSM several times..its written to create problem categories and produce more patients for the “protection agencies” . These are revenue generators implemented to treat but never cure. To make individual accoutability lost within the consciensiousness and trust placed in the juggling hands of a faceless smoke and mirror system that protects the interest of the system not the individual..McDonald’s realized that marketing to children through toys and happy meals, cartoon charcters and commercial jingles..would make a customer for life. .THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW…the DSM is targeting children more and ignorant minds more..we as a society are learning to become helpless.believe me when i say “the sky is not falling” It has been long since our culture was having home cooked meals “normally” that now our economy “normally” relies on corporate dietary recomendations. Our physical health has deteriorated eating food that would be illegal in other countries. This article is a warning that our mental health and stability is more and more becoming a corporate interest.a war on our counsciencseness…something to make money off of. Our founding fathers knew the depth of the dollars deprevity and held the truth to be self evident that all were created equal..any issues a fellow human may have is but a stones throw from home..we should see this as an opportunity to teach solidarity through trust in fellow humans divine right to diversity..and any entity set to divide us an enemy to health of our species as a whole.

  • Per Svein Hansen

    Are you a psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, state or federal worker? If you answer “none of those” then you may become a target some day. In fact, you may be diagnosed as insane—especially if you happen to laugh or cry and someone reports you to the thought police. Far-fetched? Not at all. Every emotion you experience from love to hate, from anger to joy is now classified as a potential mental illness in the new edition of the psychiatric manual DSM-5. Welcome to the New World Mind Order…

  • Kernos

    Your Twitter & Facebook buttons are not incrementing on share.

  • Colleen Rudolph

    This is not a new diagnosis. I was diagnosed with this when I was 13 over 30 years ago lol

  • Laura Paxton

    Oppositional Defiant Disorder has been in the DSM for about 20 years. It was not just added.