This Man Isolated Himself From Society For Over 25 Years in the Wilderness – What He Reveals In This Cave Will Amaze You


There was a time when man used cave walls to tell his story; they became his confidant and canvas.
Now, thousands of years later a New Mexico resident has once again chosen to go underground to tell his tale.

For the last 25 years, Ra Paulette has been turning caves underneath the high desert into works of art.

He uses his hands and some basic tools to carve intricate patterns on the barren sandstone walls. Each design is unique and like all good works of art it communicates with those who engage with it.

The sheer grandeur and majesty of his work is enough to put the observer in awe of his skill. So what compels him to create these masterpieces? His answer is simple; he is as passionate about cave digging as a child is obsessed with play.

Paulette’s work takes hundreds of man-hours.

Some caves take years to complete, but he keeps going. His ambition is to stir people in a way that opens them up emotionally.

Take, for example, a cave he likes to call The Tree of Human Kindness. It took him 900 hours to complete the project and it is obvious that every moment spent working on it brought the cave to life. Step inside and you will feel as though you have been swallowed into a tree.

He uses light to his advantage, creating an effect like no other.

Yet this is a man who refuses to call himself an artist; all he hopes is that the opulence and splendor of his work touches people deep down inside.

For Paulette his carvings represent a passion, for those who see his designs it is an extraordinary experience.

For the best part of two decades his work remained unnoticed, until a filmmaker decided to capture his journey beneath the New Mexico desert on camera.

Cave Digger is a 39 minute documentary directed by Jeffrey Karoff.

It follows him for three years as Paulette dug and sculpted.

The film struck a chord with the Academy Award committee and it was nominated for an Oscar in 2013.

“I’m in the big time now,” quips Paulette.

Well, his caves certainly are.

Following success of the documentary, he became popular and now realtor Tom Abrams is selling two of his caves for a whopping million dollars.

All the proceeds go to the seller, so Paulette doesn’t make a cent from the sale.

He insists he is in it for the adventure.

Now he has embarked on what he says is the grandest project of all; one that he likes to call his magnum opus.

With his trusty dog in tow and his usual tools he has busied himself in creating what he hopes will be a retreat for people.

“This is the largest thing I’ve ever done,” Paulette said.

“I’m taking all the things that I’ve learned in all the other caves over the years and finally getting an opportunity to experiment with gilding the lily.”

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