FBI Rescues 82 Children in NATIONWIDE Child-Sex Trafficking Ring


The FBI has recently announced the rescue of 82 children who were being trafficked as sex slaves.

Arrests were made of 239 child sex-traffickers.

Yes, that is over 200 child sex-traffickers that they arrested, in what appears to be a large, international, sophisticated network spanning across the world.

The arrests began as of October 13 and continued for days, right around the time that FBI director Comey also announced a reinvestigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Clinton has been subject to heavy scrutiny, as the email leaks from her inner circle appear to contain codes for the buying and shipping of child prostitutes. 

“They are true heroes,” said Director Comey, referring to the officers who investigated the international child trafficking ring and made the arrests.

A ring of over 239 traffickers must be extraordinarily complex and organized, and likely reaches up to the highest positions of power.

Whether more arrests will be made in the coming days remains to be seen.

The FBI said that the investigation took place all around the world and on the darkest corners of the internet.

Watch the video below:

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  • Jynxster

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8a81599eb0562a9396f2113fab65e937a499baae36a9b2401a14f49448bf7c80.jpg I sure hope you willfully ignorant people can wake up just enough to see that Hillary’s Emails really are IMPOPRTANT!

    • Greg Miller

      They still won’t believe it.

  • get help

    So when will KilLiary & Billy be charged for their molestations, rapes & enslavement of children?

  • Lisa Renne

    He’s a PIECE OF SHIT and he knew ALL along!

    • Earlene Hammond

      Who are you referring to? Comey?

  • RioSam


  • xxXMLGBlackXxx

    Faith in humanity restored

  • LOOSEtheLOOPYlefts

    239 arrested ? LIST NAMES OF THESE PIGS !!!

    • disqus_DuBbvbuEtd

      You can ask for a list by using the freedom of information act! I’m going to see about it myself as well.

  • Dyan Williams
  • Lobo

    Good job FBI- now please keep your nose to the grindstone there’s still hundreds of thousands to save and thousands more to arrest.

  • Malinda Sherwyn

    Good Job Mr. Comey! Now go after the sex Isand that Bill went to over 20 times and Hillary 6 times, there were children on that island.

  • Judy Huggins

    Traffickers had customers. A lot of them. When will we hear about their names and their arrests?

  • anna williamson

    I think the pediphile ring is all governments together in one big ring.
    This is just as sick here in the UK as to what is going on here in America.
    Let us keep this going, not only from the UK but also are Group of Pedophiles
    in our own Government as well. These people need to be prosecuted for what
    they have done. All Governments involved need to be held accountable. I hope the
    people will not let these types of acts go unpunished.

  • MaybeYes

    WARNING: You need to know this and I am very sad to share this…it’s horrifying. Child sex trafficking in Washington DC has been undercovered through John #PodestaEmails via #Wikileaks. Podesta is Hillary’s campaign manager and key lobbyist in DC.

    No. You will not see this on the controlled media outlets.

    Please get the word out on this crime against humanity.

    I am so sorry….hug your babies close.

    Video: http://pics.ee/v-322607 ~

    Original documents and links are here: https://steemit.com/personsofinterest/@ausbitbank/persons-of-interest-james-achilles-alefantis-aka-jimmycomet-at-comet-ping-pong

  • Pamela Cohen

    Let’s also open up investigation of child kidnapping and trafficking going on in our Western and European countries through Social services/HospitalsGovernments/Judicial/Law Enforcement
    Also, until we hear that Bill and Hillary have been arrested and prosecuted for their child sex offenses, we will not rest. We want the list of traffickers and the clients that make this horror possible.

  • rotto

    no children younger than 13? Any politicians caught?

    Sounds like an attempt to show they are doing something about child sex trafficking to divert attention from the budding #pizzagate controversy.

    But really… no children younger than 13?

  • rotto

    did you know the FBI doesn’t track the number of missing children in the USA? Every other possible stat is tracked, but missing children? meh….

  • rotto

    FBI was part of the coverup in the Franklin Scandal of the 80’s… another child sex ring. It’s what the elitists do, rape children.

  • Barbara Jane

    So glad those horrible excuses for human beings have been arrested. I pray for the children and for their families. You did not mention Podesta and Hillary!

  • Tao4mind

    Obviously this sweep was in Oct. 2016 because it looked like Donald Trump would win the presidency otherwise no one would of been rescued. Still after Trump took office another 2,000 plus pedophiles been arrested which is more then the entire years of 2013, 14, 15. combined. Oakland, San Francisco and five bay area counties law enforcement child sex scandal and lawmakers quickly decriminalizing child prostitution because it seems political leaders are the traffickers of drugs, weapons to street gangs, and 7 year old adopted Russian girl/boys chained to the floors for “party favors” in Monterey County.