On the Legitimacy of #PizzaGate – the Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Washington DC

UPDATE: 11-24-16 The following transmission was sent by a senior level journalist with a reputable agency who wrote anonymously. Shortly after (s)he spoke out, Reddit banned tens of thousands of people from speaking about #PizzaGate in what some are calling the largest ban in Internet history.

We reproduce the entirety of the journalist’s transmission below.

We are told the work on /r/Pizzagate (and other message boards) is illegitimate because people are rushing to conclusions, or because they are being paranoid, or partisan (despite so many of different political complexions provably working together). The subtitle here of course is that the State is solely legitimate to suspect and investigate crimes.

But what if the State itself is, in a systemic way, responsible for said crimes? It wouldn’t be a first; after all, democide (death by government, a word surprisingly absent from conversations) was the first cause of non-natural deaths in the 20th century.

Whether one is from the right, left, or center, one cannot deny government is the number one abuser, enslaver and serial-killer in History.<

We may honestly disagree on the ways to eradicate the phenomenon, or we may regret that fact, but we cannot deny it.

So, if the State itself is committing crimes, it is the people’s sovereign and sacred duty to expose it. Those who understand this truth best tend to become journalists. At least, that’s what drove me to the profession.

Now specifically on this work. First, there is context; institutional child abuse is already a common-knowledge phenomenon.

From the Presidio affair to Jimmy Saville and the BBC, or from the Vatican’s historic involvement in covering-up pedophilia to US legislators’ documented trips on the “Lolita Express”, from the questions still surrounding Dutroux to the Hampstead doubts, the scourge has been featured in the news, movies, documentaries, art work.

There have also been many policymakers, prosecutors, investigators and victims denouncing the very phenomenon; see for example British MP John Mann passionate speech before Parliament on the subject last year, or the extensive report by former undercover Interpol agent (Bannon).

Indeed it is a secret de Polichinelle. So the only possible disagreement can be on the scale and systemicity of the phenomenon.

To honestly decide whether that’s what we are seeing in the Podesta emails, please have a look at this one example. Look at the invitation at the end of the thread. Ms Luzzatto is inviting people (among which are John and Mary Podesta) to a farm in Lovettsville. This is what she says:

We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.

Impossible, you say? They couldn’t possibly be speaking about abusing the children! After all, what step-grandmother would offer three innocent children up for group abuse?

This is how invitee Drew Littman answers the invitation:

I’ve never had an affair, so I pass the Walter Jones test.

If you aren’t aware, Walter B. Jones has for 20 years been the U.S. Representative for North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district; in DC he’s regarded as the absurd caricature of a do-gooder, i.e. he is a noble man indeed.

Agreed, if that example was the only one, one could dismiss it as baroque misinterpretation. But there’s more, much more. Let’s not even get into thehandkerchiefs and codewords – even though “cheese pizza” is a knowneuphemism for “child porn” (and there are abundant examples in the Podesta emails where that term is used in very strange and out-of-context manners).

How about the fact that John and Tony Podesta are old friends of Jeffery Epstein, Dennis Hastert and Clement Freud, three convicted child molesters? Who has so many child rapists as friends? Who stays friends with child rapists after they’re exposed and convicted?

How about the Katy Grannan photos plastered around the Podestas’ mansion, depicting naked teenagers?

How about the underground vault on the Podestas’ property which admittedlyallows them to watch “very complicated video pieces”?

If you are feeling ill-at-ease, that reaction is honorable.

And the worse thing is you haven’t yet seen much. But for more, you’ll have to look for it. Indeed one might be breaking statutory laws by linking to some of the clues Internet sleuths have found in the past three weeks.

For example, did you know James Alefantis, listed 49th “most influential” person in DC by GQ, chef and White House regular, boyfriend of David Brock, owner of Comet Ping Pong, had an Instagram account filled with references to and depictions of child abuse and torture? Indeed it’s not just the frescoes in his restaurant or the “artists” he hosts there; it’s not even the fact that the logos of other iconic businesses next door feature FBI-recognized pedophilia symbols. No, this is about his own posts, pictures, comments and friends on social media. Again, you’ll have to look it up for yourself. It is hardly ambiguous. Indeed it is Alefantis who puts the pizza in #Pizzagate.

And if you’re still not distinguishing the pattern, did you know that Laura Silsby (Gayler), the woman caught trying to smuggle thirty-three children out of Haiti (a country where the Clinton Foundation isn’t without controversy), whose release from jail became a personal matter for Ms Clinton, thereafter became an associate of MyStateUSA, which changed its name to AlertSense, and which is the one providing the technology to issue Amber Alerts?

Enough already. If anything I have proven the legitimacy of the following question:

Is there a systemic pedophilia problem in Washington DC, as we already suspect there is one in Hollywood?

In terms of national systemicity, the statistics are eloquent. The International Centre for Missing Children (ICMEC) estimates that 8 million children are reported missing each year around the world.

Of that number, according to U.S. Department of Justice research, an estimated 800,000 children will go missing in the United States alone — a rate of over 2’000 missing children each day — with 466,949 of those cases entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database in 2014.

With a current child population(aged 0 – 17) of around 74 million in the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice figures equate to around 1 child in every 92 going missing in the United States each year.

This looks like a systemic problem indeed. Childhood disappearances outnumber cancer deaths in the United States by one third.

Therefore, given the sheer amount of leaked emails, and the suspected phenomenon’s scale and repartition, it is likely the data dumps (Podesta and other Wikileaks, Guccifer 1/2, DNCLeaks, etc.) provide some clue to the problem.

Therefore, they should be investigated thoroughly under than particular lens, and suspicions need to be corroborated with other (and previously) known facts.

So, my fellow journalists, why aren’t you all looking into this? Is it easy for you to dismiss it as confirmation bias?

I’m not going to answer the question for you. At least hop on the bandwagon: this is coming out with or without your help. But remember some moments are defining, in one’s career, for one’s conscience.

I’ll conclude with two excerpts of the Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists (kind of our own Hippocratic Oath).

The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power.
[A journalist’s duties include] respecting the truth no matter what consequences it may bring about to him, … defending the freedom of information, of commentaries and of criticism, [and] not suppressing essential information.

… and one question:

If this doesn’t matter, what does?

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  • Rev. Bob Celeste

    I have to wonder why the police haven’t acted, why the press hasn’t acted, why Congress and the State Legislatures haven’t acted.

    Are they all involved?

    • Just Straight Shooting

      The key people that control the dialog in those agencies are quite heavily infiltrated into the leadership structure, so yeah you could say they are all involved, or at least controlled by those who are involved.

    • Sharon Shay Watson


    • Diane

      They must be. And likely afraid for their own careers instead of being afraid for the children and doing something about it.

      • Rev. Bob Celeste

        You think they are cowards I think they are worse.

    • IHC

      Yes they are – it is how they are acting under the radar without being held to account. Anyone that come just near their demonic actions – always is found dead – untimely deaths!

      • Rev. Bob Celeste

        Thursday, December 1, 2016

        04:01:45 AM

        Good Morning Christians in Maine:

        Let’s first look at two things Jesus said about little children.

        Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

        Then three times HE said this:

        In Matthew 18:6 “But
        whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe on Me, it
        were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and
        that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

        In Mark 9:42 “And
        whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe on Me, it
        is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he
        were cast into the sea.”

        And in Luke 17:2 “It
        were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he
        cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

        It is pretty obvious that our CHRIST has a soft spot in His heart for
        what He chose to come to earth as, a little speck in the womb, a baby in
        the womb, an infant and then a little one.

        We modern day
        Christians have a habit of forgetting or putting out of mine the evil
        that happens, once upon a time way back in 2011 we were all prayer for
        little Ayra Reynolds, but how many are still?

        Now with PizzaGate
        making internet headlines and slowly making it’s way into other venues
        we are reminded that while the Maine State Police claim, with no
        evidence whatsoever to support their claim, that little one Ayla is
        dead, PizzaGate is a daily reminder that everyday little ones are being
        stolen, raped, tortured, murdered and even eaten.

        Christ, thru the pen of Paul tells us that “’Vengeance is Mine; I will repay’, saith the Lord.” Romans 12:19c

        Let us, as Christians, pray that the Lord will intervene to save the
        babies, to return those alive to a safe and loving family member, to put
        a burden of guilt on the hearts of all who are responsible, and to even
        end the life of those responsible worldwide for this horrific crime
        against HIM. Let us pray and then let us move out of the way and let HIM

        Not forget it, not put it out of your mind, not cease
        from praying daily, but pray and get out of the way of the Lord so that
        His vengeance can be done.

        If, like me, you have names in mind, bring them to the Lord in prayer.

        • IHC

          Absolutely – you validated that which I have believed for most of my life. It makes the satanic or demonic actions all the more disgusting, nauseating and despicable. We duly are in a spiritual war. Soon they will reveal their ‘created’ anti-Christ.

        • tommy tunes

          You won’t believe this , Obama bundler in Portland …… https://youtu.be/LERwmbgm0Vg?t=2m18s

          • PithHelmut

            Video doesn’t exist.

          • Rev. Bob Celeste

            youtube has pulled it.

    • Voiceofreason1

      watch the documentary about boystown, it shows how the whole issue was brushed under the carpet and those who were victims speaking out were threatened with jail time. yes it is a very far reaching problem. watch! http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/conspiracy-of-silence/

    • ATXpunk

      Yes to some degree or another. Or it’s guilt by assossation at the very least. Either way these pedos have their tracks covered well. I have a feeling they’ve been perfecting their craft for hundreds of years. It’s instutoinalized into the system much like bribery, kickbacks and other vices of the elite government, banking, business and entertainment class.

    • Lobo

      Manure- yes- they infest many institutions and exert control and run cover its relatively small numbers but carefully placed.

    • YallCrazy

      For the same reason pedophiles get a slap on the wrist…OUR LAWMAKERS ARE SICK THEMSELVES!!!

    • ter ber

      If you share this article on Facebook or twitter your account will be BLOCKED.
      The coverup is high up.

  • Randy Rogers
  • IHC

    Excellent post! I’m not holding out hope that the US Pravda would touch that with a ten-foot pole!
    Having said that I have been reading a long but detailed compilation of child sex trafficking, torture and snuff films where these demonic and satanic individuals are torturing, raping and abusing children worldwide. When Madeleine McCann disappeared from her bed that night in Portugal where the family spend their vacation – John Podesta and his brother lived only 1/3 mile from the Hotel where the McCann’s stayed. Surprisingly – they stayed in the home owned by convicted pedophile – Duttreaux. Witnesses that night saw two white men around the exact lace where Madeleine was sleeping. Subsequent sketches drawn matches the Podesta bothers to the teeth.
    As I was reading I came across this name: Lt. COL. (ret) Michael Aquinto. Look him up because he played a great role in much of the psychiatric, sexual torture and abuse and part of the pedophiles. After and during his long military career, NATO stint, Green Beret Svc – he regularly visited Goebbels retreat to perform Satanic Rituals using children which then were tortured and murdered. He used the psychiatric torture and brainwashing methods known as ‘Monarch’. He was a very bad guy although he also spend time at the Presidio. I suggest to look this guy up!
    There is so much more and if you go to yesterdays link at Doug’s site “Burning Platform” – you will be nauseous and enraged about the things – documented – learn!

  • Giovanni Andrew Roverso


  • Lobo

    They aren’t looking into it because any of them are pedophiles as well- it’s one of the industries that the satanic pedophiles saturated and control in order to remain in power yet well hidden

  • Nicole AndChris

    Why is Trump never mentioned about his trips with Epstien on the lolita express? Or that you can link Trumps modeling agency the same way you can link pizzagate to other “known” pedophiles. Or how Trump admitted to walking in on teenage beauty contestants? Or how he can’t wait to “date in ten years” ten year olds?

    • Rev. Bob Celeste

      It is not mentioned because it is a lie, there is absolutely no proof, none, nada, zero, zip, none, it is fake news.

  • sitgrass

    They visit the Paris catacombs. People who love catacombs are called cataphiles or cuttafiles. Ping-pong is cuttafile code for sex with underage children in catacombs.


  • ModerndayAppleseed

    Can anybody bring ONE witness? Any proof other then some creepy pictures on Instantgram? Some made up code words is your only proof? One PERSON , one child that has come froth?

    • Rev. Bob Celeste

      tons of Wiki Leaks emails from podesta.

  • Herculano

    What a crock of shit. Sounds like Larouche/Moonie/L. Ron Hubbard stuff to me.

    • Rev. Bob Celeste

      be more specific, what is it you are referring to?

  • ter ber

    Please everyone don’t let this OUTRAGE die!
    Share with neighbors, friends, cousins.
    Social Media is blocking accounts that share this,
    So there is really is a coverup.
    Save the CHILDREN.