Girl Drops Out of College, Shoots and Kills Over 96 ISIS Militants


Amanda Froelich | True Activist

Joanna Palani lives in hiding not only from ISIS but from Danish authorities, as she broke strict anti-terror laws when she returned to Iraq and Syria to fight with her Kurdish unit.

In 2014, now 23-year-old Joanna Palani dropped out of a university in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she was studying political science. The reason? She felt called to rejoin the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq and Syria, where military forces continue to fight against ISIS.

Palani was inspired to do so because of her background and heritage. An Iranian-Kurdish descendant, she was born in a refugee camp in Ramadi, Iraq, and fired her first gun at age 9. According to a  Facebook post, she felt propelled “to fight for women’s rights, for democracy – for the European values I learned as a Danish girl.”

After returning to Denmark in 2015, authorities banned her from returning to the region. Palani broke the strict anti-terror laws, however, and rejoined her Kurdish unit fighting ISIS in northern Syria between June and October of 2016 because she “couldn’t bear to leave the women she had trained.” She spent days on the front lines, her Russian rifle trained on jihadists. Palani can also be credited with helping to liberate Yazidi girls who were imprisoned as sex slaves while fighting alongside Peshmerga forces in Iraq.

She told The Daily Mail:

“As a sniper I could be on the front line for nine days at a time. I would get up at 4-5am and get my SVD rifle and AK rifle my bag and two hand grenades. I would take up a position away from the window, find a space where it would be comfortable, lay down with only my finger on the trigger.”

“In the daylight we defend, at night hunt and shoot,” she added.

Joanna (1)

Once Danish authorities learned of Palani’s actions, she was locked up in Vestre Fængsel, Demark’s largest prison. After spending three weeks behind bars, she was released. However, her passport was confiscated and she now faces jail time. 

Palani says she is seen as a terrorist in her own homeland and lives in hiding. Though she is effectively homeless, she constantly changes her location every three days from fear of reprisal and to avoid being found.

“I am sorry for breaking the law but I had no choice in my mind at the time,” commented Palani. “Those I risked my life for, are now taking away my freedom. I did not expect to lose almost everything for fighting for our freedom and our safety.”

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  • Kacey Campbell

    Bull Fucking Shit…

  • Bokonon9

    This girl is a hero! I would be honored to buy her a lobster and steak dinner at Captain Jack’s in Sunset Beach, CA.

    • Pat

      President Trump should send in seal team to get her and bring her to USA. Then she should be placed in witness protection to save her from ISIS and money hungry people.

      • Daniel Ward

        However, because she’s Iranian, she can’t come here.

        • Pat

          Wish he would make an exception since she is on the right side.

        • greatnesslostislegend

          Idiot. It is vetting, not a ban.

        • Renè

          Hey Daniel. Still beating your wife?

  • Jules Morrison

    The law should be changed, sniping ISIS is not terrorism.

    • NiccoloM

      It actually isn’t. They are legitimate military targets by the world right now.

      • Pat


    • Pat

      You are correct

    • Todd Boyle

      Fine but how do you know that the man you’re shooting on the street at 300 meters, has done anything wrong??

      • Jules Morrison

        Carrying a gun openly in ISIS territory is pretty much proof. It’s like, you don’t have to ask “is this Nazi a bad Nazi?” Wearing the uniform makes them bad, shoot them already.

  • Pearls Ohana

    Way to go girl!!!

  • Cheryl Ann Dwyer

    I wish I could shoot so good.

  • Demih Frou

    She’s a fool. We don’t fight patriarchy with guns.

    • Pat

      Oh yes we do.

    • Daniel Ward

      She’s a fool who has saved people and made a difference. I know between the two of you which I’d get off a sinking boat.

  • frabn

    We are so busy trying to flood our streets with unvetted, unchecked and unscreened “refugees” while crusaders, heroes and guardian angels like her are persecuted, hunted and rendered homeless or locked away in prison.

    Wake up people of the west…you’re persecuting your own people and letting the worst enemy mankind has known since the Nazis run rampant in the streets by the tens of thousands to rape, pillage, kill, steal and protest to demand Sharia law.. This world is truly and wholly f’d up.

    • Caleb Sevey

      Did you spend even 2 seconds reading the actual article before commenting your racist bullcrap? She was an Iranian-Kurdish REFUGEE, you know, the people you’re demonizing with this one comment. The Danish aren’t “persecuting their own people” (by which I assume you mean white people/ethnic Danish) for fighting terrorism, they’re persecuting a MIDDLE EASTERN REFUGEE for fighting terrorism.
      Get your head out of your ass and actually read for once in your life. Refugees don’t run rampant in the tens of thousands, 99.999999% of those articles are complete horseshit.
      Finally, refugees aren’t unchecked or unvetted. Every country has systems in place to regulate the rate of refugees, and the loosest regulations don’t exist in Europe: they exist in other Middle-Eastern/largely Islamic countries like Jordan and Turkey.
      If ISIS wants to infiltrate the West, sending all their agents on a tiny, rickety boat filled with 100 other people across the Mediterranean where they’ll be detained and interrogated at the end of the journey is the worst way to do it.

      • frabn

        Why yes I did read it, professor.

        First: muslims are not a race, nor is islam a religion. The term “muslim” is used to describe a zealot who fanatically follows the practices of the theocratic cult of islam. Since you’re a knee-jerk reacting SJW moron, let me explain to you that a theocratic system is a form of government in which a supposed deity is the central representation of authority and law. The theocratic cult of islam dictates that “allah” commands all followers to kill all non-believers: behead all non-believer adult males, rape all non-believer women and female children to death, and enslave male children and the elderly. This is a prime fundamental of islam, and has not changed since the days of the pedophile mohammed’s blood-soaked rampage through the middle eastern tribes 1600+ years ago.

        Second: Yes, you are 100% correct (congratulations!!). She is Iranian-Kurdish. She is also a citizen of Denmark who has severed ties to the theocratic cult of islam and the countries that it has total dominion over. She is a free-thinking, free-spirited, courageous woman deserving of admiration. Denmark is persecuting their own citizen for her heroic deeds. Tell me how this is fair or just? Tell me how this is not persecution of their own citizen?

        • Tyler Woodall

          Our vetting process is second to none. NOBODY is trying to flood our streets with unvetted immigrants. We have never done so, and will never do so. It’s so strange to see someone fantasizing about something that makes them angry and is untrue.

    • Pat

      You are so right I agree. American people will soon be fighting them in the streets if Trump is unable to stop them from entering.

      • Daniel Ward

        That’s an awesome display of delusions, but seriously — go get your meds adjusted. That is no way factual or vaguely plausible.

        • frabn


          When an invasive species begins to multiply in a foreign habitat, that species begins to come into conflict with the native species that already reside there. This is a very basic fundamental of science and nature: invasive species cause conflict. When an invasive species comes into conflict with a native species, there are 3 possibilities:

          1) The invasive species multiplies exponentially and eradicates the native species either through depriving them of resources and food, or by killing them.

          2) The native species, with an advantage due to its biome, repels the invasive species either by killing them/driving them away, or depriving them of resources or food (out-predation).

          3) The native species and the invasive species find a way to co-exist because the invasive species rapidly evolves to fill a niche in the habitat that the native species does not already fulfill.

          In the case of the flood of islam into Western countries, only options 1 and 2 are likely to occur. The reason option 3 cannot occur is that historically, the theocratic system of islam has shown to be nothing but war-torn. If islamists are not infighting with each other, they are fighting non-islamists to spread their influence.

          The theocracy that is islam does not mesh with Western culture. At its very core, islam cannot coexist with the Western world because every facet of Western civilization is an affront to the tenets of the theocracy’s mantra.

          Long story short – islam and the West do not get along and cannot. When islam begins to flood Western culture in extreme numbers, conflict will erupt. There is a very good chance that what Pat has said may occur within the next 5 years.

          • Tyler Woodall

            Guess how many people from the 7 countries in Trump’s ban have committed murder in the US. Take a wiiiiiild guess. Hint: it rhymes with “hero”. The only people we’ll be fighting in the streets is xenophobic, delusional wing nuts like you. And we will win. The US has been fighting fascism since WW2 and it aint gonna stop now.

        • MyT

          You look and sound like an old, self hating queen.

    • Clarrissa Zamora

      its what the elite want though. They WANT the rapefugees to rob, rape and kill to break the will of the people so they can enslave all of us. They just dont understand putting the rats back in their cages when all is said dine isnt going to be easy at all…dumbasses. they think they got this whole thing planned out and wired. every other thing they have done they have been busted at, didnt work and only makes them look like the criminals they are. its only bringing them into the light of day and sooner or alter them and the sub human POS they let loose on us will have their day of reckoning. they really suck at being evil.

  • NiccoloM

    This definitely is plausible but I really would need strong evidence of this. It seems like everybody has killed 3000 ISIS and the Syrian army is just waiting to let you fight them and everybody has a score card and somebody standing there to document how many you kill. Hot girls and guys who are intimidating looking and incredibly muscular esp are good at killing ISIS with guns.

  • Hawk620

    She should get the Nobel Peace Prize!

  • František Kotěšovec

    Kill them faking muslim terrorist all laydies 😉

  • dave ernst

    I would like to buy that gal a drink ! Cheers and an AWESOME job but so sorry that you are being punished for protecting your country and morals !!! All too often the LAWS are SO messed up !

  • The logic

    The image is of Indian film actress tabu photoshopped on someone else body. What a fake story!