Hollywood and Corporate Media are Crusading to Normalize Pedophilia


UPDATED 3:33 AM | February 22, 2017

Political philosopher Noam Chomsky once referred to the mainstream media in the US as the largest and most sophisticated propaganda operation in human history.

The mainstream media, which is owned by just six corporations, does more than just advertise for the pharmaceutical industry: it attempts to shape our values and perceptions.

And now this propaganda machine and its surrogates are attempting to engineer a society where the desire to rape or exploit children — euphemistically called “pedophilia” —  is normalized.

The reason this is happening, as we shall see below, is that many of the most powerful media moguls and Hollywood luminaries are themselves pedophiles.

Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have testified publicly that the news and entertainment industry is infested by child rape rings, likening it to a society of “vultures” who prey on the vulnerable.

The propaganda is phased out incrementally in three stages.

First, the term ‘pedophilia’ is itself used as a euphemism for what is, objectively, a desire to rape or exploit children. When they redefine it as “attraction to minors,” that is an abuse of language.

Second, a fallacious inference is made from the assumption that pedophilia is a neurological condition to the conclusion that sympathy rather than shame ought to be reserved for men who want to rape or exploit children.

(There are many problems with this line of reasoning. It is simply false that the desire to rape or exploit children is a neurological condition over which one has no control. There is no extant body of independent, controlled, peer-reviewed scientific research that supports such a notion, which is why the propaganda peddlers must use loose pseudo-scientific weasel phrases like “studies suggest.” Moreover, it does not follow that men with the desire to rape or exploit children should not be morally blamed. Even if something were a neurological condition (which it isn’t, in this case), it does not vitiate one’s autonomy of thought and volition, and so it does not preclude negative moral evaluation.  But the worst problem is that by sympathizing with such men, it silences the real victims: the children. If someone has a desire to rape vulnerable victims but by sheer luck, or fear of prison, hasn’t acted on it yet, they should feel deep shame and thereby seek ways of correcting their moral deformity, rather than viewing themselves as a “victim” and demanding that society sympathize with them.)

Third, with the errors in reasoning and ambiguous language in place, the propagandists will float the idea that pedophilia ought to be accepted. This is done mostly implicitly by framing the issue as a “debate,” advocating policy changes, comparing pedophiles to minorities, or accusing those who reject the abusers of bigotry.

As an example of media propaganda, the New York Times published an op-ed declaring that pedophilia is “not a crime”  (Yes, quite clearly these people don’t want Johnny Law knocking on their door.)

The article is replete with pseudo-science, euphemisms, linguistic sleights of hand, and assertions without argument. For example, it characterizes pedophilia as a “disorder” that “these people [pedophiles] are living with.”

People who want to rape or exploit children, you see, are victims “living with” a condition that happened to them, as if they caught a cold. They have no choice. Of course this isn’t true, but again, even if it were, it doesn’t follow that it isn’t morally reprehensible.

The article inserts a soundbite about “recent studies” which “suggest” that the author’s opinion is correct. None of the studies are cited, of course, and instead readers must depend on the author’s vague interpretation of their results. Thus we are treated with claims like this: “Men with pedophilia are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous, a finding that strongly suggests a neurological cause.”

The implicit idea is that men who want to rape or exploit children are suffering from an affliction, much like people diagnosed with cancer, and so the consequence (without always being stated) is that they are not subject to moral evaluation and shame but ought to be treated with compassion. The claim that pedophilia is a condition that “happens to” men rather than an internal conscious mental state involving attitudes and desires functions to remove moral blameworthiness.

Any mental activity, sexual or otherwise, can be broadly described with reference to neuroscientific phenomena — and citing vague neural activity as an excuse for actions is simply a fancier way of saying “the devil made me do it.” It is patently fallacious to assume that correlative neural activity precludes higher-order conscious states involving agency, desire, action, and volition.

What kind of world are we living in when a New York Times op-ed devotes more space to apologetics for pedophiles than it does to defending the children themselves? How about we first rescue the children and then we can let pedo-apologists have a field day theorizing about the psyches of the abusers once they are quarantined from society? Or is that too “bigoted”?

Many will recall that the New York Times is the same fake news outlet that defended the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, which lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, so it is unsurprising to see their publications once again defending ideas that enable violence toward children.

“It’s pure propaganda,” Noam Chomsky says of the widely discredited outlet.

Interestingly, it was discovered that Mark Thompson, who is now the CEO of new york times, was caught lying in a cover-up of a case involving a child rapist named Jimmy Savile.  Jimmy Savile would bite his victims and rape corpses. As many as 500 children may have been victims, while media moguls and celebrities fawned over him and covered up his crimes.

If that isn’t suspicious enough, when news broke recently of a major pedophile ring that was arrested in Norway, the New York Times and other corporate mainstream outlets deleted the reports of it.

Washington Post Deleted.

ABC Deleted .

NY Times Deleted.

One wonders what, precisely, is going on in these media outlets.

And of course the Father of Fake News, CNN, has been found to promulgate views which implicitly express “sympathy” for child rapists or at least raise the possibility thereof. The goal is not so much to outright defend child exploitation — not yet, anyway — but to incrementally expose the population to its normalization. For this form of propaganda to work all that is required is that a framework is established within which it is no longer evil but rather an issue that is “up for debate.”

Salon has also tried to normalize pedophilia with articles like “I’m a pedophile, not a monster.” It features a fat middle-aged man named Todd Nickerson who describes how he relieved himself in a bathroom after encountering and “falling in love” with a 5-yr-old child.


“I’m a pedophile, not a monster.” – Todd Nickerson

He says he has never acted on his thoughts about children.  And supposedly that is why he is a “virtuous pedophile.”

While having such thoughts is not legally subject to arrest, it is a moral crime.  5-yr-old children cannot competently consent and would have to be manipulated and exploited by definition. Having thoughts of exploiting a child certainly indicates there is a monster inside.

The article enraged Americans.

UPDATE: Salon has deleted its article. 

As the Free Thought Project reports:

In the current age of political correctness, some sects of society know no limits as to how far they will go to force acceptance to avoid offending others. In one extreme case of forcing such political correctness, Salon magazine implies that society must be accepting of pedophiles. In two separate articles, Salon refers to pedophilia as an ‘alternate sexual preference’ and suggests that society should embrace these differences by insinuating that this poor man is just misunderstood.

The article and video on Salon deal with pedophiles known as ‘non-offending’ — meaning while these individuals admit they are sexually attracted to prepubescent children, they claim they’ve never acted on it. However, the subject of one Salon article, Todd Nickerson admitted to seeking out jobs as a babysitter and noted that he “fell in love” with a five-year-old whom he babysat.

And then we have Hollywood. Here is Corey Feldmen explaining the problem of child rape in Hollywood:

Roman Palanski was convicted for drugging and raping a 13-yr-old child.

Celebrities defended Roman Polanski.

Celebrities defended Roman Polanski.

Rational, sane, and healthy human beings are disgusted by this, but some celebrities were observed defending him, confirming the truism that Hollywood celebrity culture is essentially an outdoor mental asylum.

Antony Kidman was yet another celebrity mogul reported for brutal child rape. Why is it that we do not see anybody who worked with him speaking out about the issue?


And then there are lower-shelf figures that contribute to the normalization or are otherwise implicated:




It is the sincere hope of many Americans that the vultures will be exposed and arrested so the plague in our nation can be ended, rather than defended.

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  • lexxcoop

    Well if a person can be born gay,a person can be born a criminal I suppose

  • MartinRheaume

    I remember reading those articles when they came out. The goal of the authors was to bring up legitimate, if uncomfortable questions. Are paedophiles criminals if they don’t act upon their desires? How responsible are they for their own desires? None of them was trying to legitimise the act of paedophilia.

    • Xyrik

      Exactly. EXACTLY. Child Molestation is a crime. Pedophilia is a sickness, and those unfortunate people who have it are victims until they act upon those urges.

      • Yisheng Qingwa


      • Sohaib Iqbal

        So many factions of people around the world also consider being GAY as sickness.
        (according to your argument they will also becomes “unfortunate victims” ).
        But now we’ve accepted that with seamless brainwashing of ours (I know this is gonna hurt you).
        So Am I the only one who’s seeing the future here inferring from the history?

        • Xyrik

          Except homosexuality harms no one, and is between two concenting adults.

          • Sohaib Iqbal

            Except that you’re deceiving nature and unbalancing the social structure?
            But I guess we no longer care about that.So ok.
            I’m pretty sure in near future we’ll find “studies” which’ll show no one is harmed in the above mentioned sick relationship too.
            Hopefully when we’r on the verge of exposing all the big sharks as pedophiles.

          • Jeanne Lofland

            NO ONE IS HARMED WITH PEDOPHILIA??? What is wrong with you that you would make that statement??? How about all the kids who are raped by these bastards? You really don’t think his are harmed by being raped? And sometimes by people they love? Kids have been raped and then murdered by these lowlifes, but you say no one gets hurt?

          • softrbreeze

            You have no idea what she is actually stating. Read again.

          • MartinRheaume

            Seriously, are you incapable of reading?

          • Bry Willis

            One should actually read an article before commenting.

          • Xyrik

            Literally who gives a shit about “deceiving nature”? Lmao. And what about it unbalances social structure? Are you referring to the idea that homosexuality will somehow lead to not enough reproduction? If so, I urge you to look at our world full of poor orphans or refuge children, and kindly go fuck yourself. C:

          • Xyrik
          • Kimberly Morris

            Really, no homosexual would have sex with an underage person? Minors won’t actake on homosexual feelings?

          • Xyrik

            That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that it is not, in essence, harmful to anyone. Child molestation is.

          • Deb Thompson

            Red Flag he’s sounding like a Pederast, Gay males lots of them , I seen it with my own eyes prey on young boys… they are groomers and very adept at it..

        • MartinRheaume

          I have no problem with referring to homosexuality as a disorder just like pedophilia is. The difference between the two is that homosexuality is between consenting adults and should remain legal, whereas pederasty involves a minor, so it could never be legal.

          • Deb Thompson

            They are called Pederast Look it up !

        • YallCrazy

          Your the only one comparing Pedifilia to Homesexuality when should know that there is a difference!Homosexuals have a choice to sleep with what SEX they desire!The victims of a Pedifile HAVE NO CHOICE!!

        • Ensenador Jones

          You are right. The door opens slowly. National man- boy love association is an example of organizations that push to legitimize a ‘Movement’ most of that movement, as the article points out, is not vocal but subtle. Eventually enough people start to push for lowering the age of consent and we get change. Progressives think all change is progression. It does not matter if it is a sickness. It is a crime. Punishment is a deterrent and treatment reduces recidivism.

      • Jeanne Lofland

        Pedophiles are not victims and they are not poor unfortunates!

        Anyone who defends or makes up excuses for them are just as demented as the idiots doing the molesting!!!
        Bullet to the head ends their “sickness” and maybe makes the “TRUE VICTIMS” feel safe that the person who raped them continuously is gone and can never hurt them again!!!

        • Xyrik

          Apparently you’re incapable of understanding that there is a difference between a pedophile and a child molester. A pedophile is a victim unless and until they harm a child, which includes viewing any media portraying the harm of a child.

          • Kimberly Morris

            People that know they have this issue and then deliberately view, research etc. Child porn etc.. are not victims.They can seek counseling, stay away from jobs, activities or people that heve children, or places were children gather. They know they have issues to deal with and they should. There should be no excusing their problems, no pity, no making allowances!!! There should only be holding them accountable to deal with issues and never harm children. There should be immediate informing of police if we have any indication that a person is crossing the line!!

          • Xyrik

            Yes, I agree completely. Such activities (viewing said material) is considered harming a child.

          • MartinRheaume

            No problem with any of that. NOBODY is excusing people who actually molest children. The point of those articles was not to normalize child molestation or pedophilia, for that matter. The articles recognize it as a disorder. The point is to illustrate a difference between the attraction which is not a choice and the action which is a choice.

        • Adam Ezell

          You need to work on your reading comprehension.

        • MartinRheaume

          Are you incapable of reading comprehension?

      • dazip

        No, they are not victims. If they know their desires and refuse to act on them, they are strong, self (and other)-respecting humans. It may be a “sickness” a genetic disorder, or whatever. If one has it and knows it, it takes courage and strength to REFUSE to act on the urge. That is not the behavior of a “victim”.

        If they act on the urge they are indeed criminals.

        • Xyrik

          There’s nothing mutually exclusive about being strong and being a victim. One can be both.

    • Klokinator

      Get the fuck out of here, ShariaBlue.

    • Sean Gratton

      If you don’t act upon it, then you’re not a criminal. There’s about a mile-wide line between thinking and acting. I suffer from OCD. I get intrusive thoughts. That’s mental disease, and it sucks, but I’m not stabbing someone, I’m not acting on my intrusive thoughts. Were I to act, then I would be a criminal. You touch a child with intent, you can eat my fist mother fucker. That’s the difference.

    • Irene Petty

      There is such a thing as covert sexual abuse. The abuser never touches the victims, but the thoughts are present all the time. It is very damaging and it is a type of brainwashing.

      • MartinRheaume

        You’re going to have to explain that a little further.

      • Princeling

        sorry, can you elaborate?

  • The Jackieman

    Despite the fact that I too have seen the types of articles to which you’re referring, I have also noticed, over a period of years, the very slow, but very sure changes in the wording and general tone of many articles about pedophilia. I’ve read these changes over the years as an attempt to promote the acceptance of this aberration to the public, with the end result being a slow acceptance of pedophiles as being “just poor, misunderstood people, but just like us in all other ways”. I find this to be a very, very dangerous thing and believe that this type of reporting needs to be called out when it’s encountered. For the kids who are victimized or could become victims, it’s important to not let this be passed off as normal!!!

  • Chris

    These pieces of shit will rot in Hell!!! Hell is for real !!! These Children HATE these disgusting stinky old looking freaks! The only thing these kids are hoping is you roll over and die! No matter how many times these kids wash with soap, they will never get the scum off from you touching them and the thought of you will make them scream and puke! This ruins their lives forever! Evil sick bastards !!!!!! Kids hate to be touched !!!! Leave them alone to be kids for the short time while life is good!

  • Courtney

    Is adult entertainment killing our children or is killing children entertaining adults? -marilyn manson

  • Murray Smith

    I don’t know why you choose to target males. We’ve just had a local case where a female child rapist was jailed for 3 years. There are numerous cases of women in places of authority (ie; teaching) who have raped minors. While it’s true men occupy more places of authority, and therefore are granted more opportunity, there is often found the complicity of females involved. Moral perversion is not gender specific, yet young male victims are treated as if they “got lucky.” If your going to be gender specific then be specific in the context you’re using.

    • Yisheng Qingwa

      NICE TRY.

      www. cpiu. us/statistics-2/

      ‘All but 3% of offenders who committed violent crimes against children were male.’


      • gwallan

        That 3% is based on conviction rates and has no relationship to the amount of actual abuse committed.

      • Nicole Heiller

        I’m sorry Yisheng, but just because you can say most of the offenders are male, that does not somehow excuse the actions of female pedophiles.
        You are implying that it is solely men that are the problem, and it’s just not.
        It’s a human problem, not a male problem.
        Even if it were true that only 3% of the offenders were female, that does not make it okay, excusable, or otherwise, in any sense, when the offender is female.
        You just sound like you’re trying to protect female child molesters and it is quite frankly, disgusting.

        • Deb Thompson

          Stop the derailing, of the Fact that Men have been doing this sick and deprave abuse on children for centuries… There are Millions of children, who are at the hands of Child Sex Networks…Porn, Get a fucking grip ! It’s organised by MEN !! And They are the Main Perpetrators!!! Concentrate, Woman, Smashing and ridding society of these MONSTERS, is bloody Hard enough, as well as stopping them from Killing women, on a daily basis, Patriarchy has done a number on you .. WAKE UP!!

          • Nigerian Born King – Hebrew

            All of you cave monkeys are inclined to pedophillia. Do you see how many white cavettes are sleeping with their underage students.

          • Deb Thompson

            YOU Male Predators are all the same .

          • Nigerian Born King – Hebrew

            Ridiculous . Infantile minded female.

          • Deb Thompson

            No , Smart , intelligent , and very weary of males , who continue to rape murder and abuse women on an half hourly basis around the world effectively .You Lamar are apart of that class, as as you males do in war, we women use caution, when approaching dangerous, unsubs like you.

          • Deb Thompson

            says an incapable male , who refuses to admit that is exactly what they are , including himself. Go away, you insignificant idiot.

          • Im Kendrick Lamar

            That incapble cis gendered , patriarchal male to you.

          • Deb Thompson

            hahaha as if you can tell me what to do , you lowly insignificant piece of skin, go tell your mother . you big baby

          • Deb Thompson

            Appalling disgusting immature dickhead

    • Tracey Tully

      Raping minors, as in pederism, is not the same as defiling a small child. That doesn’t mean it’s not a crime, but the question of at what age young people are capable of providing consent is a tricky one.

      • gwallan

        “Raping minors, as in pederism, is not the same as defiling a small child.”

        What does this mean?

      • John Morris

        Yup, that is the heart of this effort, and they are decades along in their efforts. The bright red line was always children, being minors, were legally incapable of consent. The end, go directly to jail, do not pass go.

        But now an 18 year old virgin is an object of curiosity at best, usually ridicule. So children can and do have sex, and since nobody is being jailed we are left to presume it includes consent and is legal(ish). The catch is children can only consent to have sex with other children, with the exact rules varying wildly by State. So the bright red line is already gone and we are in endless shades of gray.

        Now look at some other social trends. Female teachers who had sex with a male student used to go to prison, remember the celebrated cases? Not so much anymore, more likely sniggering about the ‘poor boy’ who got to bank out his teacher, especially if she is ‘hot.’ And already we have lesbian teachers throwing the gay card to get the same treatment when they get caught abusing young girls. NAMBLA has for years been ‘explaining’ how we straights just can’t understand the ‘valuable mentoring’ a young confused gay boy gets from his relationship(s) with older men. So we already see the trends that will eventually permit every adult-child relationship other than dirty old man abusing young girls. Can that one unprincipled exception hold? No.

        So we need to start now pushing the culture back because where it is right now gives the forces of “Progress” everything they need to normalize sex with children. It is just a matter of them going slowly enough to avoid a violent backlash, they have every precondition already baked into the culture though so maintaining the current situation is not an option.

      • Deb Thompson

        Pederism is it Pederasts that you mean, because that is older males preferring young boys, sexually molesting and abusing, as opposed to Paedophiles, who sexually abuse and molest both sexes but primarily prefer female children

  • Bry Willis

    If we are really serious, we’d not over-apply a term, like paedophile, as has happened with terrorist, especially in the US. AS with, say, the autism spectrum, aged-oriented sexual preference falls within a spectrum of chronophilia, On the youngest end, the term is nepiophilia (or infantophilia), A paedophile has a sexual interest in prepubescent children, though medically, the term can be applied to persons under the age of 16, in alignment with statutory laws. It should be noted that child sexual abuse is not committed by all paedophiles, and not all child molesters are paedophiles.

    There are terms applicable to persons interested in younger teens (hebephile) and older (pubescent) teens (ephebophile). Filling out the trend you’ve got teleiophilia (which is to say ‘age of majority’ adults) and bookending the spectrum, you’ve got gerontophilia, which is a likely self-explanatory interest in the elderly.

    I won’t continue into necrophilia, as that’s just creepy. Oh yeah: trigger warning.

    • Sohaib Iqbal

      Thank you for the literacy.But that’s not gonna help with this problem.

    • Jeanne Lofland

      And with all your education, research or however you came up with all your phile and philia words, a bullet to the fucking head is the solution!!! They all go after kids and you know it. It doesn’t matter how old, its fucking rape! Get a different life and quit sounding like you’re trying to make excuses for them. One bullet and its done!!!

      • Bry Willis

        Clearly, someone didn’t even have the attention span to make it through a couple of paragraphs worth of text.

        • Jessica Thompson

          ignorant people…hahahaa…bry is correct….there are different names for different age brackets….he wasnt saying it is something he agrees with….hahahaa…use your head…not your emotions…

        • joem789

          Jeanne is a fine example of why problems never get met with real solutions. You cannot stop pedophilia. IMPOSSIBLE. Just like you cannot stop homosexuality. It has always been here. Hideous rape cases are found in every aspect of life and aren’t exclusive with children. I can remember a case where a 21 year old man had a crush on a 10 year old girl. The girl liked him back. When the father found out about it, he was furious about it and stopped it. 4 years later, she shacked up with a mexican street criminal and got pregnant. She end up on welfare over the years, getting hooked on drugs. The 21 year old was a well rounded individual who went to college, got a great job and started a good family. Never smoked, drank, or anything. The dad of the 10 year old girl, looking back with much regret, admitted that he had wished he had let her date the 21 year old. Because her life would have turned out far better. And I believe he was right.

          That is a prime example of how a stubborn belief can lead to pure ignorance and lead your own children right into a dark hole of existence. The common norms of society is so far off from what is truly good, bad, right, or wrong. Think about where children are truly headed with the person they end up with. I would rather see my daughter end up with someone twice here age that lives up to my standards than someone her age that seems to be the typical adolescent follower of a trendy society. Or should I roll the dice? In a way we always are. But we should be smart about the whole thing.

    • Deb Thompson

      Yeah, Interestingly you left out The one that solely applies to boys, The Pederast, who only engages in sex with young boys., Minors !
      Over – apply is really clutching at straws unless you actually come up with ACTUAL cases where “The shoe doesn’t fit” I call absolute B.S ! and a RED FLAG ON YOU BRY WILLIS !
      You are using semantics & down playing & DEMEANING the seriousness not less the life long damaging affects of Your Statement “It should be noted that child sexual abuse is not committed by all paedophiles, and not all child molesters are paedophiles.”
      Because molesting and abuse both are done by a Pederast, And a Paedophile, and to say the contrary says you really do not have one iota of knowledge and YOU have a complete lack of Knowledge of the gravity that Vile, and putrid individuals, and groups of males that inflict their selfish sick and deluded assaults molesting and abusing actions and Sociopathic depravity on innocent young children.
      The absolute betrayal of trust , is abuse, the absolute deceit is abuse, both are key to what is also the grooming tactics of Child Molesters Paedophiles and Pederasts.
      Your “Oh Yeah Trigger Warning” Clearly shows your Smarmy, Smartass, and Immature existence and lack of empathy. Your revolting need to feel superior using other description words of what depraved males do on a average day. to innocent children.
      You disgust me. I know Karma has will return more severe each time .

      • Bry Willis

        Apparently I’ve just encountered a Trump supporter with daddy issues. You may go now.

        • Deb Thompson

          You can’t even Apparent you ugly piece of skin, i don’t live in your backward country, go back under 1×1 hole… do us all a favour shut your dirty little mouth and don’t come out again, you stink the place up Fuckwit.

          • Lucy Hickman

            Its a troll.

          • Deb Thompson

            you are the troll handmaiden get back in hole, you stupid little idiot

          • Lucy Hickman

            Debs is probably a self loathing kiddy fiddler, just gas it already.

          • Deb Thompson

            stop deflecting what youdo , you nasty POS, eww you so uglllyyy

          • Deb Thompson

            you sound like a parrot, and you troll my every answer you deadshit, and you sound constipated , lol hahahah deadshit and constipated , American inbred, your country is producing ugly fuckwits like you , you all are the laughing stock of th world , the gas chamber is for paedophiles sick fucks like you .. you Redneck

      • Ensenador Jones

        You are a closet pedophile or you were molested and you are chasing the demons that torment you from your own abuse. Was it a family member? No doubt it was a Man. What you are saying I send right back at you… But that’s not gonna help with this problem…. your anger is not helping with healthy dialog. Be realistic. Society even if very angry will not put bullets in the heads of rapists.

        • Deb Thompson

          you trying to deflect on me , you piece of shit, with your syphilis encrusted prick, get away from me , you pig , you are the most unintelligent life i’ve evercome across, go on fuck off .

          • Lucy Hickman

            Debs probably a kiddy fiddler.

          • Deb Thompson

            deflecting again, hickmMAN don’t put your putrid and vile activities onto me , you piece of ugly dangling phlegm you still pretending to be a female.. Go away dickhead.

          • Jessica Thompson

            anger issues can be just as bad as paedophilia deb….you need a therapist and a dictionary….think with your head…not your emotions…the topic here is paedophilia…not call everyone names and curse….i wouldnt want you around my child with the way you present yourself doll….

          • Deb Thompson

            I couldn’t careless what you think of me and the way i think or speak, seems you do, and i wouldn’t be around your child in the first instance, so bringing that inappropriate comment into the equation is a moot addition to your inane reply i think that your response is your own anger simmering beneath the surface so you come across as holy than thou is typical as so called women who have children ,like you, who think their position in society has more merit, well that is just as redundant as the cloth nappys that all the lazy women like you who pollute the world with the shitty disposeables.Your fucken delusional take on men pretending to be women lurking around your neighbour hood now, and most are hetro Pederast, yeh i need a therapist , really , i think you should find a dictionary yourself and pull your head out of your arse, and and look up sequacious and just ponder on how you go about being the opposite, so while my conversation is getting shorter, with you , it’s now getting longer with someone else, who matches my intellect, as you are quite a bore.

      • Bry Willis

        Lulz. That’s ever further parsing the language.

        • Deb Thompson

          what are you deflecting as well , you piece excrement,you can’t be answering questions because you know i’m right, and i pegged you right, you filthy pig, keep away from boys.. you will be caught , and as well as girls, you don’t get to change the meanings of what you are , Red Flagged !

          • Lucy Hickman

            Debs is probably a self loathing kiddy fiddler, just gas it.

  • Yisheng Qingwa


    • Nicole Heiller

      The human condition?

  • lfrohling

    Sarah Silverman- I’m not surprised

  • Lucy Hickman

    Sorry but the language of this really bothers me I could only get so far through it because of the whole its only men mentality bullshit.
    Women can equally be rapists or pedophiles or murderers or abusers just as much as men can, using language that lends itself to erasing the crimes women commit because ‘men commit them more frequently’ is extremely dangerous as it sets a president.

    Oh women cant be rapists silly or pedophiles.
    Go to report a woman for rape or pedophillia and get laughed at and not taken seriously because you know women cant…. blah blah blah…

    This is how normalization works, sets out men to be the predatory rapists and pedophilles and t5he women to be victims and blameless, therefor giving them a free pass if they are that way inclined.

    Also some pedohpilles are not sexually intersted in children, I believe some are addicted to breaking taboo’s, to acting outside of the socially accepted rules and structures, which does not excuse them but understanding the motivation means we can preempt and remove such people from society and allow them a chance to live out their lives bringing good to the world, we have all these deserts that could be reclaimed with hard back breaking labour that would increase the living space for the world or building infrastructure under close supervision for 3rd world countries etc.

    • Sean Gratton

      Thank you.

      • Lucy Hickman

        What for hun just giving my opinion.

    • Jeanne Lofland

      It doesn’t matter if the pedophile is man or woman, they need to be shown compassion. Just put a bullet in their fucking head and they will have all the compassion they will ever need and a whole bunch of kids will be safe!!!

      • Fred Rick

        I had a friend who was wrongfully convicted of child molestation, accused by his ex wife during a post divorce custody trial. A week after he was acquitted on appeal, having proven that she had lied about it, and paid w doctor falsify medical reports saying he molest both his som and daughter when he didn’t, someone showed him some “bullet in the head compassion” because the justice system “failed”. Since he happened to be driving home with his two sons having won temporary custody while his rx was in jail for her ACTUAL crimes when someone decided to ago that compassion, the ensuing accident killed his children along with it, along with the young marrird couple who were pregnant with their first child. So, someones idea of compassion and justice ended in the deaths of 6 innocent people. Aso, on the point you were commenting on, if a person has the compunction, yet does not act on it in ANY way, exept to seek treatment, yes, they DO deserve actual compassion and understanding. Especially since a good portion of them are victims of being molested as well, and, trying to fight doing something to someone else what was done to them.

        • dazip

          I am so sorry for your friend and all the people affected by the lies of his ex! When there are consequences for false accusations like this one, the incidence will go down. Until then, more tragedies like this one will occur.

      • Princeling

        calm down, satan.
        pedophiles are innocent unless proven guilty. thought crimes are not a thing.

    • hessevelyn

      Women are such a small percentage of this crime, so let’s not jump on the “both men AND women commit child rape.”

      • Lucy Hickman

        And because men are the biggest offenders let’s just ignore anything else and focus on just men rape?
        You sport a nice form of feminism there by only acknowledging part of the problem that furthers your own agenda.

        • hessevelyn

          I’m not saying anything feminist or anti-feminist. Just look at the numbers. The vast majority of pedophilia is by men. “Women can equally be rapists or pedophiles or murderers or abusers just as much as men can…” I don’t think is actually true. In order to have intercourse with a woman, doesn’t the guy need an erection? I know there are other types of abuse, but my understanding is that the most common by far involves an erection. It’s nice to bring up that women also commit these crimes, but the numbers are so vastly skewed toward men committing sex crimes, especially if ones against the will of another, that it’s understandable to discuss male perpetrators. Maybe you need the unnecessary disclaimer that “most men wouldn’t even think of committing these crimes, so please don’t think this is a statement against men.”

          • Lucy Hickman

            While you do raise a valid point about a male needing an erection, you forget there is viagra and a man can still be violated with toys and items.
            There is also the less frequently discussed ‘accidental’ condom breaks or lying about contraception.

            While men may be the greater offenders I believe its only fair to acknowledge that its not only men just for the sake of fairness.

          • Deb Thompson

            And look at you, you hand maiden,Men can and are the predominate abusers Fact ! and they can freaking look after themselves,in all manner of situations, The Patriarchy sure has done a job on you , For the sake of fairness dont make me laugh.. you stupid woman , Wake up !

          • Princeling

            Why don’t you shut the fuck up, ey? :^)
            As a man myself, I’ve been intensely pressured by a woman into doing things with her that I didn’t want to. Granted, she was bigger than me, but it still happened and was just as scary as when my boyfriend did it to me. So shut the hell up, you ignorant cow.

          • Deb Thompson

            Well looky here you found the strength to cuss at me … funny that yeh you are the epitome of crud… you blame women for your own weaknesses… fuck you butter boy, be a man and fucken stop blaming women , you imbicile … a woman wouldn’t look twice at you you dick !

          • Lucy Hickman

            Ewwww its sick can’t we just gas it like the nazis did?

          • Geneviève Mercure

            Lucy an erection is a physiological reaction of the body. It can happen even if the man is not sexually stimulated. A man can have an erection and still be raped. It is true that the number of case involving women are less frequent, but considering they exist, men and women can be rapists is not false.

          • Deb Thompson

            Oh why don’t you just shit , constipation while your a wanker… Very messy… Ewww you wanker, BooHoo im crying and going to tell mummy… booo hoooo

          • Lucy Hickman

            Its a troll hun ignore it.

          • Lucy Hickman

            I am just going to explain that ‘Deb’ here has no rational argument so has had to resort to name calling and abuse to shift focus from my rational and well presented arguments.
            ‘Deb’ is a good radical feminist and uses distortions and ambiguity.
            I am an equalitarian who uses factual provable evidence to argue my point.

            Who would you listen to?

          • Deb Thompson

            Oooo you are a poor recycled woman, who is oppressed and so oppressed you are blind, because you now think you are equal.. hahahah oh Handmaiden, there is no equality , love, and there never will be, so you got me wrong with attempting assumption, I don’t believe in equality you stupid woman…Oh and by the way , you lack the ambition, to be better than that , you old fool now go and figure out what i just simply mean again yo fucken lump… Wakey Wakey….

          • Lucy Hickman

            I won’t be replying further as its obviously a troll.

      • Princeling

        uh, no. women aren’t a ~small percentage~. the amount of reported women is a small percentage, and the reason for that is that men aren’t taken seriously when we say “she raped me”. men are laughed at, ridiculed, and told to “man up” by both men and women. so we’ve learned and been taught to keep it to ourselves.

      • dazip

        It doesn’t matter how small the percentage is. If it is a fact, it is a fact. Proportions don’t change the fact.

  • Rebecca Poskitt

    The only socially acceptable pedophile is one that’s being used for snuff film fodder.

  • Sassy

    These sick sob’s deserve nothing less than the death penalty! A public hanging!

  • Sean Gratton

    Touch my daughter and I will fucking rip off your cock. I suffer from depression and anxiety. That’s disorder… that’s “disease.” This, is beyond sickness. This is the victimisation of children for your own sexual gratification. If this is merely a sickness, then so is rape. Oh no, better have feels. Quit trying to wipe #PizzaGate under the table, you elitist swine. Your psychopathy will no longer be tolerated, and we will soon be dragging you from your guarded enclaves to pay for your crimes.

    • Beth Vanderhoofven

      And you will be the racist in jail. We have to fight current laws, enforce other laws, and stop more disgusting laws like this.

    • Arundeep Chohan

      I am with you all the way!

  • Sean Gratton

    If you don’t act upon it, then you’re not a criminal. There’s about a mile-wide line between thinking and acting. I suffer from OCD. I get intrusive thoughts. That’s mental disease, and it sucks, but I’m not stabbing someone, I’m not acting on my intrusive thoughts. Were I to act, then I would be a criminal. You touch a child with intent, you can eat my fist mother fucker. And THAT is the difference.

  • John Candor

    All Jews.Surely a coincidence.

    • Monty

      Er … no.
      Andy Dick was adopted, and brought up as a Presbyterian.
      Antony Kidman was a Catholic.

  • Hugo Spinoso

    the actions its a crime, as it would be regardless of the victim age.
    putting the problem of this rings aside, and just the individual how would this be ended? if the person does something then it should be punished, but what if it doesnt? besides the social scorn and natural reaction of not allowing children to be alone with the person, should there be any other consecuence if no crime was commited?.

    sexual preferences regardless of its reasons exist, most are harmless but other are not, main reason its consent.

    Why would they be trying to normalize it?

  • Christopher Cobbs

    Such anger. Much keyboard warrioring and no actual doing anything. Wow.
    This is why these crazies can do what they do. You do nothing but bitch about it in text and go on with your life. You are part of the problem. So fix it.

    • Finnur Juliusson

      It seems to me you are the angry one here.Expressing one’s anger against the normalization of evil deeds is far from doing nothing.

      • Christopher Cobbs

        Typical MKUltra response. Villainize the one calling out the laziness and turn the argument into a personal one.
        You are part of the problem. Fix it.

  • Jessica Ramsey

    It doesn’t matter how it’s spun, worded or explained. Pedophiles should be done away with in a permanent fashion. There is no excuse or sympathy for the sick crap. I want to see sympathy for the victims. The ONLY victims of these monsters are the kids who fall prey to them.

  • Melissa Allred

    I’m so disgusted by this idea that raping a child could be normalized or even bring sympathy to the person who acts out their dark fantasies in such a way. It’s evil and dark in every way and it’s wrong. I wasn’t raped as a child but I was a victim in a sense by two older men at my church. They would seek me and my best friend out and hang around us. One would always hug us and one time the other sort of pushed me against the wall in the hallway and was leaning in with his hand on the wall above my head. My dad (a police officer) came down the hall in time and the man backed off. I was 14 at the time and had no clue what these men were up to. I was a virgin and only knew what my parents had taught me out of a text book about sex. I didn’t have boyfriends yet as I was not allowed to date until I was 16. So it never crossed my mind these men were trying to “groom” my friend and I. But later both men were arrested; after being caught with minor girls. Both men lost their marriages and family and jobs. I thank God I was spared!! But looking back it could have been me and it turns my stomach!!

  • Beth Vanderhoofven

    It is the only way to justify Muslims marrying 9 yr olds. Also please see California made legal for children as young as 12 yrs old to prostitute themselves. 12 years old can’t legally work BUT if they are hungry and on the street they can legally prostitute themselves. REALLY that makes child slavery and sex trafficking all legal the hungry abandon child just says they want to. Disgusting and EVERY CALIFORNIA CHRISTAIN SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! Get involved and stop this!!!! GOD IS WATCHING how the church is NOT standing up against SIN/murder/rape/10 commandments My voice maybe small up I use it and my actions to point out injustice to babies, children, adolescents, women, LGBT, and Christians STAND UP

  • Sigfredo Mendez
  • Marilyn Tippens Adams

    This only good pedophile is a dead pedophile.

  • rogeliopadilla


  • Luke Martin

    if they kill themselves the world will be a better place

  • Luke Martin

    Better yet why isn’t shit being done about this?Everyone is mentally disturbed . you dont know who is in isis and you don’t know who pedophiles until it’s too late.Iqf you know they are with the media and all that do something.Our country will not support this trash.

  • Traveler

    The reason they want to normalize it is because they are all involved in it. The only problem is the kids do not have too much say in the subject and get dragged into this before they are ready, just making problems for the future. Then again just about any other perversion is going to be put out there as well because it is the perverts that control the industry.

  • Tommy Chrisman

    If I shove an electrified rod up a pedophiles ass and it makes them cum is it still called rape?

  • Remy Dee

    The fact that it is ok that someone child is being victomized as a sexual release for ppl who so called have disorders is scary moral wise…really though…so what are you gonna call the children that suffer this horrid act?! Cause clearly in you warped moral..the are not the abused or a victim! So what wayward phrase are you gonna add to you already corrupt system!! Enlighten me, please!

  • JD56

    Why John Podesta and pizzagate is not, nor should be going away:

    Why such outlandish artwork depicting children? Why the coded emails? Why is Tony Podesta best friends with convicted child rapist and former House Speaker, Dennis Hastert? Why are these two Podesta brothers interested in the occult and spirit cooking events? Private emails released by wikileaks provides us all these sordid details.

    Now, much of this could be coincidence, I guess… but wouldn’t you investigate heavily if you were law enforcement, even if it takes down a bunch of evil elitists? Quit playing partisan politics, folks, and think of your children. Heck, all children, just in case these heinous acts turn out to be fact. There is enough evidence, hell, hearsay, warranting further investigations.

    If the political and powerhouse elite from around this nation, even globe are involved, they deserve to be outed and swift justice served!

    Oh, and look at the strange events held by Comet Ping Pong along with their fascination with children in compromising photos. How about Besta Pizza two doors down changing their business logo because it was a symbol the FBI designates as supporting boy love?

    Yep, this stuff is not conspiracy, yet more reason to dig deeper..

    Also, YouTube Franklin Cover up for information regarding Bush Sr era trafficking. It is sad, and was to be a documentary on Discovery Channel. It never premiered. Google Victor Salva too.. Disney hired this convicted child rapist to direct their film Powder in 1995.

  • AntiCommon Core

    All State Fish and Game Departments should have an annual season on pedophiles whenever they fail to register as sex offenders!! Good way to keep a Well Regulated Militia “regulated”.

  • dazip

    Why is the focus solely on the perpetrator? The supposedly compassionate left has no words for the children involved – does the left think the children are not affected by the behavior of the perpetrators? Even if there is not full penetration of a pre-pubescent vagina or anus resulting physical damage, there are a host of psychological and behavioral ill-effects suffered by the child. Does the left not care for these children?

  • joem789

    These subjects are difficult to debate in a neutral way. It’s easy to fly off the handle over what you believe. But people are often so one sided about everything, there’s no debating it. Pedophilia is a great example of this.

    I tried to understand things. Because looking back on history, people have always been notorious for fearing away from things they don’t understand. Yes. We want to protect our children. I have 3. And I guard them with my life. I was taught that incest and pedophilia is evil and wrong. It’s deeply rooted in my beliefs. Therefore, I cannot imagine my children having sexual encounters with me or anyone else. But…

    I have also been on the inside with pedophiles through past research. I have seen the videos. Heard the discussions. And have some insight because of it. You cannot categorize pedophilia without pairing it with “cousin” states of mind. Homosexuality. Fetishes. Hormonal imbalances. Incest. The list can get long. But there is no straightforward approach here to understanding it. Because there can be a pedophile that will touch children. And one that won’t. The same holds true for a non-pedophile. One that would rape a woman. One that wouldn’t. You can find a person who would kill. And one that wouldn’t. We have to consider all things here. Everyone begins as a human. Raised up. Roots being set based on their upbringing, ultimately leading to firm beliefs that shape their lives. Often denying “feelings” that don’t align well with those beliefs. An example would be homos trying to live a “normal” life void of the homo lifestyle. The same hold true for pedophiles.

    You will always find varied levels of “empathy” from a human. Whether pedo, homo, or not. The media often is biased and focuses on the worst case scenario to promote a political agenda. Such as posting pictures of sinister looking pedophiles, or perverted looking homos dancing in the streets naked. They never consider all things.

    Pedo or not, children need to be watched and protected from other people. That is not a pedophile issue. That’s a human issue. You can trace back 1000 years and find that adults have been using children for sex. To this day, you still find a large number of cases of incest in mountainous regions. There is a lot that is never told. A handful of cases of well known politicians flying private planes to areas to have sex with underage kids and then fly back home. And it is suspected that there are many who haven’t been caught. Child trafficking is a reality. And the government is indirectly in on it. The media protects them by altering the common perception of reality. My point isn’t conspiracy. It is reality. Reality that child sex has always been here. And it will always be here. Tossing someone in jail might satisfy a few. But it will not change a thing. Its like cutting out cancer just to wait for it to grow again. The source comes from GOD. And I dare you to try and change THAT. I cannot give an opinion on whether or not I think it is okay to have sex with a child. But I will say this. There is a large stack of evidence that proves that there are far less cases of forced rape versus positive sexual experiences with children. Dare I say it. Grown ups “training” children at a young age to satisfy sexual urges, including their own when they come. This delves into a topic that is so far in the unknown that its impossible to talk about without getting black sheeped by the common society. But in time, this will likely change. It is not a liberal versus conservative issue. It is a human reality that will find its own way in time. You can take the pedophile out of society. But you can’t take the urge out of humans. And I believe that there are many millions of people who secretly desire child sex but never act on it due to beliefs. THAT IS REALITY. Lets all try to understand it. Otherwise, our ignorance is only delaying the inevitable.