Rare Footage Exposes Donald Trump’s Real Mindset

Now that President Trump sits in the Oval Office, it is only natural to scrutinize virtually everything he does.

We’re Americans after all — it’s our job to be suspicious of government, especially presidents. Trump himself harshly criticized former presidents when he was a private citizen.

But believe it or not there was a time before his entrance into politics when President Trump was constantly sought after for business advice and general success tips.

In his younger days, Trump advocated a philosophy of positive thinking.

He was also known for working harder than anyone else, often running on only four hours of sleep.

It appears that not much has changed about Trump’s work ethic.

An insider in the White House recently revealed that Trump’s work ethic is still unparalleled.

President Trump wakes at 5 AM every day, eats a high protein and low carb meal of steak and eggs, works until 10 PM, and then has dinner only after the work is finished.

What is interesting is that much of Trump’s philosophy as a private citizen provides us with an explanation of his current behavior as president, including how he deals with opponents.

Fans of Donald Trump might appreciate this and incorporate it into their own lives, while critics might use it as  insight into his psyche so they understand what they’re going up against.

He also advocated trusting your instincts and thinking for yourself, even if you have to go against the advice of people in positions of perceived authority.  Perhaps this explains President Trump’s reluctance to believe the advice of rogue elements inside the intelligence community.

He also talks about the importance of paying attention to details, never giving up, and staying totally focused on the task at hand — probably things nobody would disagree with, despite the fact that so few live in accordance with such ideals.

There are some quite specific tips on what kind of desk you should have if you are going to be successful, as well as his broader worldview presuppositions about death, trust, family, and happiness.

Watch the videos below and let us know what you think.



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