It’s Happening: Crackdown on High-Profile Pedophiles Begins

UPDATED: 9:01 PM EST | March 20, 2017

There have been over 1,500 arrests of pedophiles and human traffickers since January, 2017, by far the largest crack down in American history. (It is trending as #PedoGate.)

The arrests are now being rolled up to higher profile cases, according to reports.

It is believed that many politicians, public officials, and even media and Hollywood luminaries will be brought up on charges in due time.

Here is a brief review of some of the high-profile cases so far. These have all happened within the last 14 days.

Kansas City Republican  Rep. Huelskamp staffer arrested on charges with 17 counts of child sex crimes, including sexual exploitation of a child. 

Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son arrested for sexual assault on a child. 

Now-former Mayor of Hubbard faces life in prison after pleading guilty to rape of 4-yr-old child. 

Oklahoma Senator has been charged for child prostitution after having an underage boy in a hotel room.

Police chief confirms former UK Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath raped children.  (He died before he could be arrested.)

The former Mayor of Stockton Anthony Silva has just been arrested in San Francisco for profiteering, embezzlement, and “other charges,” and has been arrested in the past on charges of cruelty on a child after being reported for playing “strip poker” with youth.

A pedophile Secret Service agent for former President Obama was just arrested on charges surrounding the enticement of an underage girl. 

Air Force Colonel William R. Jones arrested, pleads guilty after he is found with images  of children as young as 10 being sexually exploited.

We are expecting to see more arrests in the coming weeks. Some expect that there will also be cases of high-profile suicides and strange deaths, such as people jumping from buildings.


For years, former UK Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath was reported for raping multiple children; Police Chief Mike Veale recently confirmed that the allegations “are 120% genuine.” Heath died before he could be brought to justice.

The pedophile ring referred to as #PedoGate is said to be international in scope and its members evidently include many US politicians, lobbyists, former presidents, Hollywood and media moguls, judges, police, priests, doctors, teachers, bankers, and lawyers.

Multiple professors and staff have also been arrested on allegations, with a few as recently as January and February of 2017.

One would expect to find this news on national headlines, but the corporate media owners have been eerily silent. And it doesn’t take a lot of brain power to guess why.

Watch the video below to see how a victim describes elite pedophile rings. Though this video is older, it illustrates the importance of understanding how sadistic these people are:


A more recent video. Another survivor describes what happened to her while she was held captive as a six-yr-old child in an murderous pedophile ring. Elite aristocrats were part of the ring and they enjoyed torturing and murdering the children. (Warning: discretion is advised.)

Two children described what happened when their father used them in a pedophile sex cult comprised of politicians and other high level individuals – the media accused them of lying and worked unceasingly to spread lies about them — they were taken by the State.

The video is constantly banned and taken down, here is one of the latest uploads.


On March 9, 2017, the children’s mother released the following video stating that the pedophile network is still trying to cover it up and they are creating bot accounts online to spread lies in order to dilute the facts. (If you look at the comments under the video, you can see some of them. They were identified by attentive readers.)

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  • godlesssaint

    pizzagate is a well know hoax…..

    • Weldfreek

      Gotta wonder about people who defend pedophiles. You must be one.

      • JeffMiller79

        Pizzagate is a hoax and both politicians in this article are republican.

        • HonestTruth4U

          Pizzagate is very real! I’ve been researching it long enough and far enough to know. It involves top politicians and “elites” that are going to go down. If you don’t know and haven’t researched it, you have no business talking about it. It’s well past time the people stop with the apathy and become involved in government again. We’ve allowed this to happen and now it must be dealt with.

          Pedophiles are everywhere! I know that scares people but we have to face the facts. I’ve been researching pedophiles long before Pizzagate came along and even cofounded an organization to help teach parents how to talk with their children about pedophiles and what to watch for in case a pedophile is grooming their children. I guarantee each of us is in contact with at least one of these sick, vile, inhuman, real life monsters on almost a daily basis. This is an epidemic!

          Shaking your head and saying it isn’t true will only allow these perverts to continue raping children. Get involved and do something instead of sitting behind a keyboard, ignoring the problem.

          • HonestTruth4U

            Pizzagate doesn’t just involve one party. It crosses all political lines!

          • Jay Aych

            What organization did you co-found? I would like the info you teach parents so I can teach my children. Thank you for your work!

      • godlesssaint

        i’m trying to figure out how simply knowing that one particular incident was a hoax is “defending” anybody you worthless piece of shit

        • Ken D. Webber

          you lying turd godlesssaint. Hoax my ass! It’s right there in the wikileaks Podesta emails for the whole world to see. You’re either a pedophile yourself or a worthless democrat.

    • zwarte kousenband

      Where smoke is there is fire…

    • Eric Wi

      Sticking your head in the sand isn’t going to fix a thing. It was never properly investigated all we got when it came up was distractions, finger pointing and lies . That right there tells you something is going on. “Pizzagate” is just such an extremely small miniscule part of the problem prepare to be blown away as it all comes apart.

  • bohicasis

    forgot the guy who was friends with the Clintons in Haiti who was just arrested.

    • stillhere

      And the Haitian sex slaves released as the Cinton Foundation was closed.

  • John-Charles Gray

    This video is from like the 70s or 80s. This has nothing to do with the story they did. Stupid shit. Yeah and we can so trust everything people write. We will see what comes out after this is all said and done.

    • WithoutRights

      Who cares. The pedophile rings have been operating for longer than that. You have a victim talking about it 30 years ago and now everything she said is coming out of the dark. I think you are a stupid shit for not being able to make the connection. Do you want the victim to make a new video? How ridiculous. The article never claims the video is a current video. Are you some kind of pedo-sympathizer or something?

    • loubet26

      How about all the other videos that are current and people finally getting the nerve to talk about their childhood torture sessions? Trolls talk like you do and so do pedos. Are you against investigating or what?

    • Diane

      I saw this video years ago, as well. It does not change the importance. And it helps to bring to light a very dark secret. God bless President Trump and keep him safe as he continues to oversee the exposure of this most horrific crime. God bless the victims. God bless us all.

  • stillhere

    John McCains former campaign manager was arrested for crimes against children.

  • Flick Yoli

    Judaism = Hollywood = pedophilia

  • Eric Heisler

    I want to believe something is going to happen but, I believe the issue to be systemic. Mega $ campaign donors elevate only those able to be controlled. Elected officials nominate the only people with the power to bring them down. Corrupted elected officials pass laws like Obummer care to feed the pockets of the mega donors who in turn are scouting the next generation of candidates.