Phone Shields May be a Wise Investment to Guard Against Spying


Credit: Tunnel. Phones can be inserted into copper Faraday shielding which serves as a barrier against signals hackers and spies depend upon.

WASHINGTON, DC | March 9, 2017

State spying used to be called a “conspiracy theory,” but after the release of Vault 7, only the most naive would continue denying its reality. The newest leak has prompted many Americans to begin looking more seriously into Faraday smartphone shields as a protection measure. 

Using apps to encrypt your data will not protect you. This is because the CIA is able to hack your phone’s OS itself, including iOS and Android. From here the agency can activate your camera and mic, and see your keystrokes, images, and other sensitive data, altogether bypassing the app.

The best way to guard against this is by getting rid of your phone altogether. But for most of us that’s too impractical.

The next best solution is to invest in a Faraday enclosure, or smartphone shield. In other words, create a physical barrier.

Tunnel is recommended the most, because it uses copper with dual layer systems. Copper is the same material that the NSA uses protect its own data, as it is virtually the strongest shielding available. This will act as a “hard” shield, meaning that it will physically block EMF (electromagnetic frequencies).

Wired reports that the NSA’s “crypto city” inside Fort Meade, Maryland, uses copper shielding on its buildings to protect its data from being hacked:

To block any telltale electromagnetic signals from escaping, the inner walls of the buildings are wrapped in protective copper shielding and the one-way windows are embedded with a fine copper mesh.

The concept is straightforward. Keep your phone unprotected during mundane activity, but for sensitive meetings and other high-risk activity simply drop it in the shield.

Shutting your phone off is not an effective solution, as the phone operates in baseband mode, which still allows remote activation of your camera and microphone.

That is why you need to cut off the signals if you want to be more secure, even when your phone is off.


Tunnels can be used whenever you want your phone to be truly off and guarded against eavesdropping. Visit the site to learn more.

John Pirc is a former CIA cyber security researcher who has confirmed the “fake off” mode in past reports, as follows:

It’s a crafty hack. You press the button. The device buzzes. You see the usual power-off animation. The screen goes black. But it’ll secretly stay on — microphone listening and camera recording.

Here’s an explanation by former members of the CIA, Navy SEALs and consultants to the U.S. military’s cyber warfare team. They’ve seen it firsthand.

Government spies can set up their own miniature cell network tower. Your phone automatically connects to it. Now, that tower’s radio waves send a command to your phone’s antennae: the baseband chip. That tells your phone to fake any shutdown and stay on.

A smart hack won’t keep your phone running at 100%, though. Spies could keep your phone on standby and just use the microphone — or send pings announcing your location.

State functionaries still need to rely on a tower’s radio waves to signal your phone’s antennae and send malicious commands. Tunnel is a portable Faraday shield that blocks these signals, which in this case is more powerful than having your phone off.

The CIA’s ability and inclination to hack into phones is so worrying that Wikileaks has described the agency as having a “malware arsenal and dozens of ‘zero day’ weaponized exploits against a wide range of U.S. and European company products, include Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android…”

We are far past the point of wishing this were all a “conspiracy theory.” This is now our reality.

Update: Tunnel is reducing the price to get these out to as many people as possible. Use the phrase ‘fightback’ to get 25% off when you check out.

Learn about the concept of a Faraday cage in the video below:

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