High-Profile Pedophile Beaten in Prison, Inmate Who Did it Speaks Out

“I did it for the victims and their families,” says inmate, after beating a convicted pedophile.

March 16, 2017


Jared Fogle was extolled on television broadcasts and Americans had no clue what he was doing to children.

You may recall Jared Fogle.

He was the spokesman for Subway Sandwiches, known for serving harmful plastic chemicals in its food in 2014.

Jared’s role was to sell Americans on the notion that a diet of Subway’s food could result in fat loss.



Aside from being the spokesman for Subway, Jared had many connections and became quite well known.

What Americans didn’t know is that he was also a pedophile.


Jared Fogle is seen with son of CIA director (left) and former president (center).

Reports also surfaced that people within his circle actually covered up for him, despite being fully aware of what he was doing.

He would eventually be arrested and imprisoned after it was discovered that he had imagery of children being raped, and would travel out of state to seek sex with minors, according to reports.

In January of 2016 news circulated that Jared Fogle was beaten by an inmate. But now for the first time that inmate is speaking out about why he beat Jared.

He says Jared was being treated “like a god” and other child rapists were protecting him.

So that is why he decided enough is enough.


“Jared is their hero…You would not believe how arrogant Jared was. He hired bodyguards and the other child molesters looked at him as if he was a god.”

“I did it for the victims and their families.”

The inmate who beat Jared doesn’t even deserve to be in prison, according to his family.

“My uncle spent 15 years in prison doing hard time for his robbery when he was a young man. He spent 20 years living in Wisconsin before he was arrested and convicted of selling the hunting rifles he inherited from my late grandfather’s estate,” said his nephew.

While other high-profile people took smiling pictures with Jared and boosted his fame, this humble prisoner thought of the victims, mustered what strength he could, and fought Jared in the name of justice.

Watch the video from Jared’s ex-wife, where she provides more background on what Jared was doing:

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  • Mel

    The globalists and deep state have turned our world and its morals and values upside down. Pedophilia is rampant among the rich and powerful. More children go missing in the world than the number of people with cancer. Let that sink in. Just look to the countries that do not issue birth certificates to know where the “cash cow” of children is. Haiti is the number one place where children go missing.

    Our world is sick. There is a battle for your mind right now in media. Trust your gut instinct on anything you see and hear. Support those who are shedding light on the evil that is now bubbling up all over the world. Do your part and support those who are brave enough to tackle this, especially if you have children because they go missing everywhere, just depending what they want them for. Sex trafficking, pedophilia, organs, sick sick sick.


  • TheLastSanePersonInAmerica

    Steven Nigg should get time off for just behavior.

  • fatty

    this tells us nothing other than that she is looking for a payday from subway