A Whistleblower Just Confirmed Trump’s Team Was Under Surveillance During Obama Presidency


A whistleblower informed House Intel Chairman Nunes that Trump was indeed incidentally monitored.

Nunes confirmed he was able to see “dozens” of reports confirming as much. (Video of his announcement is at the bottom of this article.)

Thus, it appears Monday’s hearing was mostly theatrics. Both Comey and Rogers stated several times that their respective agencies had “no information to support” Trump’s tweets.

Trump stated in his tweets that the previous administration had him wiretapped.

For those who are not trapped in a media echo chamber, it is already part of our background knowledge that the State for quite some time has had the ability to spy on virtually anyone without a warrant.

It has been occurring at least since Bush Jr (likely earlier if you account for disparities between the State’s actual technological status and what the public is told about the State’s technological status).

The left made a huge deal out of warrantless wiretapping when Bush did it and if you were alive at the time you probably recall the surge of criticism surrounding the PATRIOT Act.

Then, the warrantless wiretapping expanded dramatically when Obama occupied the office of presidency.

Citizens and even government officials were spied upon for a variety of reasons internationally and without a warrant.

Conservatives and libertarians were the loudest to critique Obama for it, while the left either ignored it or said it was a matter over which Obama had little control.

To think that a billionaire investor like Trump would be ignored in all of this wiretapping is naive. Of course Trump was spied upon along with everybody else, and yes, the spying was performed under the direction of the Obama administration.

It is perhaps a theoretical virtue of anarchism that we have nothing to lose by pointing out both the left and the right were correct when they criticized Bush and Obama.

Yes, both Bush and Obama wiretapped people ‘illegally.’

So with that context in mind, the hearing this week during which Comey and Rogers stated that their agencies “had no information” was anything but illuminating.

The strict wooden language used by Comey and Rogers is perfectly consistent with the fact that functionaries within the deep state machinery routinely spy on citizens and the absence of a warrant does not incline them to refrain.

Now, House Intelligence Chariman Nunes is making headlines by confirming that, indeed, Trump was monitored.

From what we’ve been able to analyze over the past six months, what likely happened is this: a rogue column within the CIA pinged certain machines in Trump Tower to create the perception that there was communication occurring between members of Trump’s team and individuals in Russian finance or industry. A digital false flag event, so to speak, in which “Russian footprints” were created.

The column then used this manufactured evidence as a pretext to gain permission to spy on members of Trump’s team. They used the permission in turn to spy on Trump himself.

As they were doing this, however, it may well turn out that members of the NSA — or perhaps a tech firm even more technologically sophisticated than the NSA — were watching them via the use of methods that the CIA doesn’t know about. A whistleblower then made Trump aware of what the CIA column was doing.

What the CIA did must now be brought to light in a manner that will not reveal how they were discovered. Leaking bits of information non-transparently to a broad range of individuals will allow the evidence to be assembled in a kind of organic parallel construction.

Nunes is the latest individual to receive a leak, and he has come forward today explaining it.

Watch the video below:

Zerohedge has summarized the latest the latest news on what Nunes has revealed:

Update: House Intel Chairman Nunes spoke to reporters when he left the briefing at The White House and had some more stunning things to say:


And the punchline: there are “multiple FISA warrants outstanding against Trump” Nunes also told reporters:

As we detailed earlier, it appears Trump may have been right, again.

Two days after FBI director Comey shot down Trump’s allegation that Trump was being wiretapped by president Obama before the election, it appears that president Trump may have been on to something because moments ago, the House Intelligence Chairman, Devin Nunes, told reporters that the U.S. intelligence community incidentally collected information on members of President Trump’s transition team, possibly including Trump himself, and the information was “widely disseminated” in intelligence reports.

Continue to full report at Zero Hedge. 

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