Dick Cheney Suggests Russian Meddling in Election Could be “Act of War”



Dick Cheney is well known for stating falsely that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Now he has turned his sights onto Russia.

“There was a very serious effort,” says Cheney, “made by Mr. Putin and his government…”

What was the effort? Cheney continues

“…to interfere in major ways with our basic, fundamental democratic processes.”

Cheney didn’t stop there, however.

He went on to suggest that what Russia did would be “considered an act of war” by some.

The last time Dick Cheney lied, hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed. Millions of Americans sat on their couches and watched as Iraqi families were burned alive and decimated by bombs on live television:

It appears that Russia might be next.

Deep state propaganda operations posing as “media outlets” were quick to circulate Dick Cheney’s announcement on Russia in an uncritical fashion.

Left-leaning consumers of the propaganda took to Twitter to celebrate the announcement.

Deep state propaganda broadcasting centers function to sell privileged viewers artificial constructions of reality that reflect broader neoliberal goals and policies.

The managerial positions in these broadcasting centers are occupied by a relatively small handful of individuals and organizations who prefer global hegemonic order over self-determined nations.

Their employees are not reporters but actors reading from scripts edited by intelligence agencies. Real journalists tend to be excluded for failure to satisfy ideological conditions.

These propaganda broadcasts become echo chambers within which viewers are exploited to generate hysteria, and frameworks are established that define the terms of the debate for such viewers.

As the viewership is predominantly composed of democrats, it is therefore unsurprising to see democrats clamoring for war on Russia.

Fear is one of the most useful mechanisms the deep state has for creating a pretext for war.

Many — perhaps most — liberal democrats qua propaganda consumers are kept in a sustained state of fear as the propaganda centers drum it into their heads that President Trump is a “Russian agent.”

In this state of fear, the liberal democrats qua propaganda consumers are prone to support virtually anything they perceive to be “anti-Trump,” no matter the cost.

If that means climbing into bed with Dick Cheney and clamoring for war with Russia, so be it.

In this manner the propaganda consumers have become unwitting gatekeepers of the established order, with Dick Cheney being their latest spokesman.

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