Patient Deleted from Kidney Transplant List Over Medical Marijuana

AUGUSTA, Maine — A victim in need of a kidney donation may not receive the aid he needs now, after if was discovered that he uses medicinal cannabis.

Garry Godfrey suffers from Alport Syndrome, which is a disease known to cause renal failure.

Some of the symptoms include nausea and anxiety, along with pain so severe that it can interrupt in day-to-day functioning.

Because medicinal cannabis helps reduce these symptoms, Godfrey used it when necessary.

But as a result of his medication, his name has been taken off a transplant list for kidneys.

The hospital’s current policy in Maine is to disqualify patients who are known to use marijuana as a medicinal solution.

“I’ve tried so many pharmaceuticals and none of them worked, but the medical cannabis does,” Godfrey told WGME. “It helps me function. It helps me take care of my kids.”

Godfrey was evidently put on Maine Medical Center’s list for kidney transplants back in 2003.

According to reports, the hospital employed a new policy in 2010 that pertains to patients who use marijuana.

“I was informed that they changed their policy, that you can no longer use marijuana,” Godfrey said. “I was taken off the list.”

Garry is only 32-yrs-old and says he is not ready to die.

Watch the video below:

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  • REALConservative

    I am a huge advocate for individual choice. Marijuana should be legal.

    That said, I support the decision by the hospital. There are limited organs available for transplant and strict screening is required. Additionally, medical applications for marijuana are in the infancy stage and require more research, so until then I support restrictions by medical providers until sufficient evidence is available.

    The fact is that we do know that there is a condition called Marijuana Hyperemesis Syndrome which is caused by the routine use of marijuana. It is rare, but increasing in frequency. I had never seen it before last year, but now have seen it twice in just the last few weeks, and I practice in a state where no form of marijuana is legal. One of the primary side effects of this syndrome is KIDNEY FAILURE. That means it is prudent to restrict marijuana use in someone who will get a kidney transplant because they will only have one functioning kidney and it will be more fragile.

    Until then, thousands of people sustain on dialysis.

  • captainsgirl

    Garry Godfrey, if you read this, make sure you accept Christ. Death is only a breath away for us all. And when Christians leave this world we’ll be home with our Saviour who died for our sins and loves us. I’ll be praying for you.

    • Jesus Christ Superstar

      Captainsgirl, sorry. I don’t accept marijuana smokers or other drug users. (Snicker giggle)

  • Heather Sullivan

    Thank you for sharing Gary’s story. There is a petition if you would like to support ending discrimination against medical marijuana patients:

    If you are able to share a couple of bucks, Gary’s medical expenses are signficant:

  • Mark B Davison

    What a utterly shameful thing to do to this poor soul! I guess this is proof that not hospitals are around to help sick people some are just around to make a fast buck and promote their way of thinking and beliefs no matter who they have to hurt to accomplish their goals! Next thought is how much money does the government give them to fund their over priced health care?