Working Class Americans Defend Against Antifa

April 15, 2017

BERKELEY, CA — Footage has emerged showing epic brawls in the streets of Berkeley.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Berkeley was considered by many to be ground zero for the free speech movement and autonomous zones.

Students, black panthers, anarchists, and Yippies created a culture that was largely self-sufficient, pro-free speech and anti-establishment.

The culture was virulently opposed to authoritarianism.

Times have changed, however.

After years of gentrification and displacement, as well as structural changes in the UC system, Berkeley is not the autonomous stronghold it once was.

Privileged students and trust fund babies are now dressing in black and claiming to be “anti-fascists.” Their spaces are dominated by white leftist males who are obsessed with the trappings of identity politics.

Many of them believe that the average working class citizens who voted for Trump are “literally Hitler.”

Labeling someone a “nazi” or a “fascist” functions, in their mind, as moral permission to attack that someone.

Since November, they have been using such labels to demonize virtually anyone who disagrees with them as a pretext to violence. Sadly, they have become the spitting image of the fascism they claim to oppose.

Today, they were driven from the streets after trying to attack more innocent people.

An unlikely mix of libertarians, anarchists, nationalists, rivetheads, Christians, veterans, and conservative Trump supporters found common ground in supporting free speech, and decided to defend themselves against the “antifa” leftists.

The video below shows antifa fascists running away after they couldn’t bully people anymore.

They (antifa) were throwing stones and bricks at local businesses and innocent people, escalating the situation into a near-riot. That is when citizens stepped in and fought back.

In the next video, one of the privileged “antifa” fascists tries to taunt a disabled veteran:

It is history repeating itself. In the 1970s, anarchist punks and traditional working class skins in the UK also had to deal with the problem of the Left co-opting radical spaces.

Crass wrote a song back then describing how the Left plays into labels and identity politics that are designed to keep any resistance fragmented and powerless:

A YouTube commenter points out that Antifa aren’t actually anarchists (he is correct: they are mostly trust fund babies and privileged leftists):

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  • Natural_Texan

    .. anyone would back off from fighting with a disabled person or an infirm elderly person. Nothing to be gained except shame and embarrassment. The man in the wheelchair was brought in to initiate just such a pointless (but photo-worthy) confrontation.. just as the ‘antifa’ jerks brought up a slender young woman in a pink hijab to deflate the aggression from the opposition.. It’s propaganda theater..

    I don’t know but I begin to suspect one reason the police ‘back-off’ is that viewed in the big picture, not from the focused eyes and microphones of the micro-press, these clashes might not be riots, just school-yard tussles.. with a lot more shouting and name-calling than broken heads.

    All that being said the ‘antifa’ idiots do not have my sympathies.