New York Times Op-Ed Urges Trump to Go Up Against Russia and Iran

nytIt is another nail in the coffin of the failed new york times.

The fake news site has a reputation for pro-war extremism, and its latest op-ed is no exception. 

Its author questions why the US is fighting ISIS, and says it’s “fine with me” if the US instead threatens Russia and Iran and “makes them bleed” via arming rebels against them.

He then urges Trump to go on Twitter and label Syria and Russia “poison gas enablers” responsible for the deaths of babies.

It would not be the first time the new york times has published fake news by junk journalists.

In the past, it distributed fake news about WMDs in Iraq, which led to hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent people.

Most people don’t bother reading the fake news site anymore, but there is still a relatively tiny handful of gullible readers who are under the impression that it’s a credible source.

If one were to suggest a few ways to ensure that the new york times continues to fail, one might recommend the following steps:

– Always flag articles by the new york times as inappropriate.
– Always flag articles by the new york times as fake news.
– Never link directly to the new york times; use an archive service to starve it of traffic.
– Encourage your friends and family to do the same.
– If you see printed versions of the new york times in your community, promptly place them in the nearest trash bin.


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